Video Response to Bird-Pierce Comparison

A ranter's response (not mine).

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Lex said...

I'm not going to interrupt Larry Bird weekend to post something about the DM signing. But let me be the first to say this:

We have now officially replaced James Posey.


I know. What's lex smoking this weekend?

Posey was a freak defender. Not the best ever. But good and versatile, with an emphasis on the latter. He could guard everyone from Chauncey to Dirk.

We now have TA who can guard the smaller guys and DM who can guard the taller guys.

James could hit HUGE threes like nobody else. I don't know about threes in big games, but Giddens could very easily supply the outside shot, and even a medium range game posey didn't have. TA can drive where posey couldn't.

Posey brought some moxy to the game, something possessed by TA, but TA isn't as intelligent.

Posey could nail free throws when they counted most. I don't think we have replaced that.

Still, we've done as much as we can to replace Nails.

I'm even more excited to see how this all plays out, and it says here the world champions are getting excited too.

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