The Next Head Coach of the Boston Celtics?

Ray Allen will one day be a head coach in the NBA. He's got all the earmarks. He's a consummate professional. He's got encyclopedic knowledge of the game. Players and coaches around the league respect him and respect what he's done. Most importantly, he strives for excellence and is driven to win, and expects the same from his teammates.

If he re-ups after next summer, the end of his next contract might then coincide with the end of the Big Three Era in Boston, at which time Doc Rivers may also think about changing career paths.

Giving Ray Allen a shot at replacing Doc wouldn't be the worst thing that Danny could do.


kaigne said...

This is a brilliant idea. Especially when you consider that at that point the center of the Celtic franchise will be none other than his backcourt buddy, Rajon Rondo. Who, by paranoid accounts, apparently only listens to two people on the team. Sam Cassell and... Ray Allen.

Lex said...

Maybe sam could be assistant head coach.

kaigne said...

It could totally work. Let's tell Danny.

Silverlock said...

Unless he pulls a Dumars and goes to the front office

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