Leon Powe is Still on the Roster

September 9, 2007

Leon Powe is Appreciative

Leon Powe certainly has his share of fans, but two of his biggest supporters go by the names of Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge. This is the main reason he didn't get dealt to Minnesota along with Al Jefferson and the poo-poo platter Kevin McHale received in exchange for the man known as The Big Ticket.

Beyond their appreciation of his interior toughness, they are rooting for Leon Powe, the guy - a feeling enhanced when Powe gave out handwritten thank-you notes to team personnel at the end of last season.

``I just gave them out to the coaches and the staff, thanking them for helping me out through the season,'' said Powe. ``Johnny Joe (equipment and travel man John Connor), Annemarie (Loflin, Rivers' assistant), Lynchie

(Phil Lynch, director of team security) - all the people around the organization. I just wanted to show the team my gratitude for giving me the opportunity. They took a chance on me. It's my obligation to work as hard as I can.''

Powe has lived up to that aim this summer, starting workouts at the Celtics facility Thursday after a month spent back at Cal with strength and conditioning coaches.

He's yet to talk to Kevin Garnett, but is looking forward to that conversation.

``Oh, that's going to be great,'' Powe said. ``I love that trade. I love the situation we have right now. He's one of the best players in the league, and I get the feeling we could be on the floor together some of the time. I'm just trying to bring something to the table every time I step on the floor, because you know what Garnett's going to bring every night.''

Don't necessarily look for any changes in Powe's game.

``I just want to be quicker and play better inside,'' he said. ``I know I'm out there to rebound and play defense. Any offense I get is going to just be through hard work.''

And if he does his job well, maybe Powe will get a thank-you note from his coach.

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