Danny Ainge: El Jeffe is Playing El Chef(fe)

"Whenever you bring in a new player, it can change roles and it can change the mood," the Celtics boss said. "All of a sudden, things are different and maybe you don't have what you've had before."

I've been quiet on the Mighty Mouse front by design. Damon Stoudamire no doubt would be an upgrade over Tony Allen, Eddie House, and Gabe Pruitt at the point. I mean, how many more bounce passes can we watch House throw in the general direction of nobody before we take the first step in dealing with the 500 pound gorilla in the room, namely that we don't have a reliable back-up point guard right now, much less a veteran presence that can be a difference maker come playoff time.

At the same time, I have not been quiet on the value of adding a quality back-up point guard. I would acquire Sam Cassell. I would sign Da Glove to a 10-day contract. I wouldn't hesitate to add a Darrell Armstrong-type, knowing full well that Darrell Armstrong himself isn't available.

But Damon Stoudamire is a different animal altogether.

I don't know if it's the drug infractions, his past history with the Jailblazers, or that ugly ass lefty shot that's never been good more than .39 percent of the time. Regardless, the risk factor with him does seem elevated.

What we don't want is someone who comes in with any expectations other than to play a role and solidify a weak spot. I could easily see the yet-to-be-acquired veteran point playing anywhere from 6 minutes a game to 36. But my best guess is that he will average less than 20, and possibly less than 15.

Is the Mouse prepared for such a varied role? Could he perform consistently with inconsistent minutes? Could he lead without being a pain in the keester?

But if the Celtics let the opportunity pass, will the Mouse be the best player the team has a chance of acquiring before March 1?

Yes, Danny, we all understand your predicament.


Sounds like Stoudamire is going to the Spurs. Not sure if that is because he wanted to play for San Antonio or because Danny signaled a lack of interest.

Either way, this blog approves holding off on da Mouse.

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1111 said...

i agree too.
better nothing than a kick in the butt...

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