Garnett is Surrounded . . . Finally


We all knew he was good. The numerous accolades; multiple All-NBA selections, multiple All-Defense selections, Most Valuable Player, gold-medal-winning Olympian. There was a reason Celtics fans went into circuit overload when the team announced the acquisition of Kevin Garnett.


Kyrie is like Krack (part 3)

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In one sense, the Celtics won this game because their NBA-leading defense put the Mavs in a vise grip for nearly 13 minutes, holding Dallas to 5-for-20 shooting with five turnovers from the 7:47 mark of the fourth quarter on. In another, though, they won it because their point guard was freaking unstoppable at exactly the time they needed him to be.

 Irving made all four of his field goals in the extra session, outscoring the Mavericks by himself in OT, 10-6. He made a pair of freebies with 18 seconds left to finish off his most explosive and efficient offensive game as a Celtic — a season-high 47 points on scorching 16-for-22 shooting, a 5-for-7 mark from downtown, and 10-for-11 at the free-throw line, along with six assists, three rebounds, a steal and just three turnovers in 39 minutes of downright remarkable work.

Irving made his first 10 shots on Monday; he has now scored 77 points on 44 shots over the past two games. I think he’s gotten used to the mask, you guys.

He’s the first Celtic to score 45 or more on 70-plus percent or better since Larry Bird did it 28 years ago. According to Basketball-Refeference.com’s database, he’s the seventh player in the last 54 years to produce multiple games of 45 or more points on 22 or fewer shot attempts, and man, is it a fun list: Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley, peak Gilbert Arenas, Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade, never-forget-how-good-a-scorer-he-was Kevin Martin, and present-day James Harden (who picked up his fourth such game just last week, hot on the heels of Joel Embiid having his first).

After struggling with the consistency on his shot earlier in the season, Irving has now put together back-to-back scorching performances that have lifted his season numbers (22.5 points on 47/38/89 shooting, 5.3 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 1.6 steals per game) back in line with his career averages, despite playing about 2.5 fewer minutes per game than his career mark (and 3.5 fewer than he saw last year in Cleveland). He kept his frankly unbelievable numbers in tight situations going, too:

Irving has scored 65 points in 38 minutes of “clutch” play — when the game’s within five points, one way or the other, in the final five minutes or OT — this season, far and away the best clutch scoring rate of any player in the league, according to NBA.com’s stats. He’s an obscene 24-for-39 from the field (61.5 percent) in those close-and-late situations, with the bulk of his damage coming inside the paint and directly at the front of the rim, thanks to his ability to sidestep and teleport through defenders tasked with hemming him up at the perimeter. He has drawn 11 fouls leading to 16 free throws (making 13), and has dished 10 assists without a turnover in “clutch” time.

It’s a little too early to start updating those “King in the Fourth” Photoshops, but it’s fair to say the Celtics haven’t yet experienced a late-game drop-off with Irving at the controls. On the contrary: no team’s got a better record in games featuring “clutch” minutes than Boston’s 11-2 mark, and while last year’s Celtics outscored opponents by a very strong 14.9 points per 100 “clutch” possessions, this year’s model has nearly doubled that net rating so far.

While Irving’s overall efficiency hadn’t quite been up to snuff before these past two games, his improved effort level on the defensive end and his killer performance in the clutch have played a big role in the Celtics getting off to such a dynamite start to the season. Then you see performances like the one he turned in on Monday, where it doesn’t seem like there’s a single thing a defender can do to stop him, and you’re reminded why Danny Ainge decided to take the gigantic risk of giving two starters and the Brooklyn Nets’ unprotected first-round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers so he’d have the chance to get Irving in kelly green.

The early returns on Ainge being right about that deal have been so impressive that it’s got the Celtics president of basketball operations wondering if he might be wrong about something else:

-- Yahoo

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, the Boston Celtics went on a road trip to the West Coast. I believe it was the second half of the 1984-85 season. It was a longish trip, five or six games. And all anyone could talk about was how just about every game finished:

On a Larry Bird buzzer beater.

My brother the Lakers fan called to finally acknowledge what the rest of the world already knew. Larry Bird was the greatest player on the planet. The way Kyrie is playing this year, I feel another call coming from my brother.

:  )

Sports World Turns Green


When NBA commissioner David Stern stepped into a New York City cab earlier this week, the driver asked, "Do you think the Celtics will win all 82 games this season?" Stern laughed and answered, "I think they will lose a game or two." With the Celtics 7-0, Stern was not surprised by the question; just by the man who asked it.


Sean Williams Impresses in 29 Minutes


Last night, Sean Williams, the 17th pick in the 2007 NBA draft, played in his fifth game. It may have been his best yet - not bad for someone who already was ahead of schedule, at least the one the Nets calibrated for him, which may say a lot about the team and the player.


Down Go the Nets for C's 7th Straight W


While the Celtics might have won ugly again, their record is still pretty.

Boston pushed its perfect start to 7-0 with a 91-69 victory over the New Jersey Nets last night at TD Banknorth Garden. The NBA's lone unbeaten team matched the franchise's fourth-best start, joining the 1963-64 edition. The best start in franchise history is 14-0 in 1957-58.


Bird Happy for "Our" Fans, Watches C's Dump Pacers


INDIANAPOLIS - Twenty years ago, Larry Bird was the Celtics' star as they started the season 6-0. Last night, Bird was in the stands to see the first Celtics squad since his 20 years ago to start off 6-0.

Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish were the star trio back in 1987. Now led by a star trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen, the NBA's only unbeaten squad defeated the Pacers, 101-86, at Conseco Fieldhouse. Pierce scored a game-high 31 points and also had 11 rebounds and 6 assists.


Can Anyone Say 5-0?


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Every once in a while an NBA team shows what it's made of by overcoming a major challenge.

Maybe it's a character challenge, or a physical challenge. Or maybe its one of those nights when you are challenged mentally.


Shhhh. The Celtics may have a Bench


We've seen only a handful of games, but, outside of a certain No. 5 and another No. 20, what do we make of the Other Guys? Namely, lads 4-12, who generally were regarded as a shade better than Uruguay?


C's Make it Four Straight


New Three Reminding us of Old Three

With their unblemished start, the Celtics brought back memories of the days of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish last night.

Boston improved to 4-0 with a 106-83 victory over the Hawks at TD Banknorth Garden, becoming the 18th edition in franchise history to begin a season with four wins. It's the best start since the Celtics went 6-0 during the 1987-88 season, when Bird, McHale, and Parish were the star trio.


New Celtics Passing like Celtics of Yore


Is it Too Early to Thank Danny?

I'm not concerned right now about what's going to happen in May and June. I just want to thank Danny Ainge for giving us back our winter. Danny Ainge has rescued us from being strictly a two-sport town.


M-V-P, M-V-P

Celtics Fans Diggin' the New Three


You think there was buzz surrounding the Celtics before? Clamp on your earmuffs.

The noise this team has made in the infancy of the NBA season was elevated to ear-splitting decibels last night during a raucous Garden gathering in which the Denver Nuggets graciously played the role of party pinata.


C's Score 77 by Half, Crush Denver


Denver's George Karl is one of the most animated coaches in the NBA, and usually roams the sideline throughout the game. But with his Nuggets not showing much fight last night against the Celtics, he didn't get off the bench other than during timeouts, to go to the locker room at halftime, and to leave after it was over.


Clark Kent Steps Out of Booth


In the nearly six months since, the Celtics have done more than just change their roster. They've completely changed their identity. In less time than it takes Clark Kent to pop in and out of a phone booth, Ainge dispatched a collection of young, promising players for Garnett and Ray Allen. And just like that, the Celtics went from hopefuls to handfuls, a team that many are picking to win the Eastern Conference.


Celtics have much to Prove


The Celtics have been on every magazine cover but Foreign Affairs.

The coach is amused.

"I can't control that," says Doc Rivers. "So I'm not really 'OK' with it. But I understand it. I keep telling them that it's not the team on the cover that matters; it's the team on the floor."


Powe Bloodies Baby Twice in Same Practice

November 4, 2007

The relative serenity of yesterday's Celtics practice was broken when Glen Davis took exception to getting his nose bloodied by Leon Powe. By NBA standards, it was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, but ``Big Baby'' made his displeasure known.


Iverson in the House as Visitor


More than 1,000 members of Reebok's staff were on hand as Nuggets guard Allen Iverson was presented with bronzed sneakers Sept. 19 in the lobby of the company's Canton headquarters in honor of selling the most shoes of any of its athletes. The eight-time NBA All-Star took questions from Reebok employees, including one on whether he could ever see himself in a Celtics uniform. The 2001 NBA MVP responded by saying he had strong respect for the team's history but hoped to finish his career in Denver.


Kyrie is Like Crack (part 2)

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ATLANTA — When Brad Stevens is preparing to coach a game, he usually looks at the most recent box score of the team he is about to face. If that team's star was subdued, Stevens is usually wary of what might come next.
"If they really struggled and they're really good, that's a scary sight," Stevens said, "because you know guys like that don't have quiet nights twice in a row very often."
Kyrie Irving did not play poorly in the Celtics' 104-88 win over the Magic on Sunday, but he was held to 11 points. Last season, he scored fewer than that just twice. So Stevens had a sense Irving might be due for an eruption — except the good news was that he was on his side now.
On a night the Celtics were far from perfect, at the end of a challenging three-game road trip, Irving was there to rescue them when they needed him most. He would not let the winning streak end, not here.
The point guard had his most complete game as a Celtic, pouring in 35 points on 14 of 22 shooting and dishing out seven assists, as the Celtics held off the Hawks and grabbed a 110-107 win, their ninth in a row.
Irving's 14-footer with 20.3 seconds left all but finished off Atlanta.
"It's exciting to be out there and be on his side," Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum said, "watching him do all those incredible things

When I wrote Part I, the article represented my observations from several games, including the pre-season. Ahh, yes. The pre-season. Let's not forget that. It was so clear how good the Celtics were going to be. Just think how good we are now, and then throw GH into the mix. We are talking 40 blowout wins. No?

Anyway, I digress.

Last night we saw what we might not only expect from our superstar, but also what we might hope for, only this time it came all in one game, a game where he needed to lead and drag his teammates to victory. The Celtics were dragging ass and discombobulated for much of the game. Kyrie? OK, I guess tonight they need me. They need all of me. And that is what we saw. Of course, he still has more. He gave just enough.

I am so impressed at not only how well the supporting cast is playing, but at how quickly the others recognized Kyrie as their "leader" and their "star."

Damn straight.

It will be a fun year. Tatum is in the starting lineup for good. He will benefit so much from the experience. Brown will benefit from the extra minutes not having to share them with GH. So, for the most part, it's all good. Yes, we would be otherworldly with GH, and it is a crime he got injured.

But let's not focus on that now.

Let's appreciate how good this team is, how deep this team is, and how unbelievably great it's leader is.

The Celtics are Good . . . at Defense?


We've had only one week of NBA basketball in the 2007-08 season, but there already are story lines everywhere. Yes, Kobe is still with the Lakers. Yes, Isiah is still coaching the Knicks. Yes, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson are still on suspension.


Sonics Announce Intentions to Move


SuperSonics chairman Clay Bennett has informed NBA commissioner David Stern that his ownership group intends to relocate the team to Oklahoma City as soon as it can get out of its Key Arena lease. Celtics guard Ray Allen, who played in Seattle from 2003-07, wasn't surprised.

"When the team was bought from the previous ownership they told us and everybody in the city that they sold it to a group that they thought would most likely keep the team in the city," Allen said. "Everybody thought that was some [garbage]. How is someone from Oklahoma City going to buy a team in Seattle who doesn't have any ties [in Seattle] and has big money in Oklahoma? If things don't go right, everybody's craving for the team to move to Oklahoma City.

"It just seemed like they got the higher bid because they made more money selling the team to someone outside of the city. So when they made that announcement [to move], it came as no surprise to me.

"I think the people of that city are so snake-bitten by previous ownership and now the new ownership."


Allen's OT Trey Gives C's Another W

November 5, 2007

TORONTO - It's a dream of Tom Thibodeau's to be an NBA head coach one day. But if the first-year Celtics assistant never gets the opportunity, he always will have yesterday's victory on an NBA sideline to smile about.

With Celtics coach Doc Rivers having left for his hometown of Chicago after the death of his father, Thibodeau coached Boston to a wild 98-95 overtime win over the Raptors at the Air Canada Centre yesterday. New Celtics guard Ray Allen nailed a 3-pointer with 2.6 seconds left to seal the emotional triumph.

"It's different," said Thibodeau of his NBA coaching debut. "Obviously, when you're an assistant, you're making suggestions and, when you're the head coach, you're making final decisions and when there are a lot of final decisions to be made, some work out well and some don't ... but it's coming at you fast."

Two free throws from Eddie House gave the Celtics a 95-92 lead with 7.1 seconds left in OT. After the Raptors called a timeout immediately afterward, House walked over to the scorer's table by Boston's bench and said, "I shoot 91 percent from the line. I don't miss."

The Raptors returned with guard T.J. Ford, who had 29 points and two 3-pointers at that time, throwing the ball in with Paul Pierce guarding him. After passing the ball to Andrea Bargnani, Ford got the ball back just across the free throw line. Celtics forward Kevin Garnett stayed with Bargnani instead of switching to Ford, and, wide open, he nailed a 3-pointer with 4.4 seconds left to tie the game at 95.

"Those guys on the other end know we don't fear nobody," Ford said.

Those guys on the Raptors' end should have feared the sharp-shooting Allen.

Thibodeau drew up a play in which Allen was to run across the baseline and rub off a Garnett pick in hopes of an open shot. There were other options, but Allen was the one Pierce had his eye on when the play began.

It worked to perfection as the 6-foot-11-inch, 220-pound Garnett laid out the Raptors' 6-6, 215-pound Anthony Parker on a baseline screen. Allen kept running to the 3-point line so Pierce could see him clearly. Pierce then tossed the ball in the corner to Allen, who nailed the winning trey. The Raptors didn't get a chance to get a tying 3-pointer off.

"That is exactly how we drew it up," said Allen, who finished with game highs of 33 points and seven 3-pointers. "A lot has been said about this team and what's going to happen at the end of games and who is going to take that shot. It is a joy to be out there offensively and for the coach to be able to draw up a play and there are three options.

"Paul had a shot if he threw it in and stepped back in. He caught me wide open and KG set a great pick. But if I wasn't open, KG was under the basket. It was a great play."

Said Raptors coach Sam Mitchell: "We knew it was coming. [Parker] just got picked off. Ray hit a good shot. They have a good team."

Garnett picked up his fifth foul with Boston ahead, 66-56, with 10:23 left in the fourth quarter and went to the bench. With 5:40 left, Garnett was still on the bench, and he looked up at the scoreboard and saw that Boston was ahead just 70-67. With the score the same, Garnett re-entered with 4:53 remaining.

Toronto's Jason Kapono's jumper tied the game at 72 with 3:23 left. But James Posey (11 points), in his Celtics debut, nailed two straight 3-pointers to give Boston a 78-74 lead with 2:24 remaining. But Ford's driving lay-in tied it at 78 with 27 seconds left in regulation. Pierce, who had 13 points on 4-of-17 shooting, missed a 20-foot jumper with 3.9 seconds left.

"They were making a lot of shots," said Garnett, who had 23 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. "[They're] very good at shooting the ball from the outside."

Rivers has said he would prefer Allen, Pierce, and Garnett to play fewer than 40 minutes. The star trio more than exceeded that on this day.

Allen played in 49 minutes 10 seconds, not far shy of his career-high of 54 minutes. Garnett played 43:38, 20:51 in the first half. Pierce played 45:34.

"I'm not fatigued," Allen said. "I tell people, 'Playing basketball for me, this is my job.' And I do everything I can to keep my body where it needs to be. If I had to play again [today], I'd be ready. This is our job. You just got to take care of your body accordingly, because there are going to be nights like this."


Doc's Dad Passes

November 5, 2007

TORONTO - Grady Alexander Rivers, the father of Celtics coach Doc Rivers, died peacefully in Chicago yesterday morning, according to team spokesman Jeff Twiss.

Grady Rivers was 76 and had experienced some health concerns in recent months. Funeral arrangements are expected to be finalized today. Doc Rivers flew to his hometown of Chicago from Toronto yesterday to be with his family.


Kobe-to-Bulls Deal Unlikely

November 4, 2007

John Paxson, general manager of the Chicago Bulls, says there's nothing going on with his team regarding a deal for Kobe Bryant.

"There's not going to be a deal done," Paxson said last week after the Kobe-to-Chicago rumors went on overload. "All the things that were out there were really unfair to all of us who were trying to do our jobs."

In other words, look for the deal to go down in 72 hours. (Just kidding.)


Daniel Theis(!) has a Good Motor

Related image ---
Then was the rookie Daniel Theis registering his first career double-double, with 10 points and 10 rebounds. "He just has a good motor to him," coach Brad Stevens said. "He's always in good position, never quits on plays. He's got good bounce, as we can see."He has appeared in seven of Boston's eight games, and has a rebounding percentage of .205, which is tops among all his teammates. Theis also enjoys an offensive rebound percentage of .175 which leads all Celtics who average at least 10 minutes played per game and ranks fifth among all NBA players who play as much (he averages 14.6 minutes per game) as he does, or more. .

-- Das Globe

It was clear to me (and others such as FCF) that Danny found something when he found Mr. Theis. Like Kyrie and many of the others, I suspect young Daniel is also just getting warmed up...

Kyrie is Like Crack

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They don't have Hayward, but they have plenty of weapons. And with the Cavaliers' tailspin continuing, early indications are that the path through the East could at least be navigable for Boston, a reality that seemed like a foolish thought two weeks ago.
"You guys have been asking, 'How do we put it back together?' " point guard Kyrie Irving said. "It's like the beginning of the season. It could have gone either way and for us, we understood that, just demanding our preparation to be perfect. We'll put ourselves in a good position when we go out there. We play extremely hard. We demand that excellence from one another."
Irving had an efficient game, registering 22 points and five assists in just 27 minutes. The lead swelled so much that Irving and most of the other starters were able to rest for the entire fourth quarter. Irving also had four steals and now leads with NBA with 21 this season. He is averaging 2.6 per game, more than twice as many as he did in Cleveland a year ago.
Still, Irving has yet to have one of the dominating offensive outings that surely will come.
 -- Das Globe
Irving is like, well, I said it already, Allen Iverson.
 He only scores when he needs to.
 Have you noticed?

Sam Cassell knows what it's like to be among stars

November 2, 2007

WALTHAM - This "Big Three" thing is nothing new to Celtics newcomers Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Allen was part of a star trio with Sam Cassell and Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson with the Bucks, and Garnett teamed with Cassell and Latrell Sprewell with the Timberwolves.


KG's First Shot a Brick, and a Memorable One at That


The first shot was certainly interesting.

"I was soooo jacked up," said Kevin Garnett. "As you can see by my first shot, which went off the backboard."

Off? He's lucky it didn't go through it.


2017-18 Celtics Reminding me of Iverson-Led Sixers

"[Stevens] is a special person, on and off the court," Popovich said before Monday's game. "He's very intelligent and intelligence is fine, but, if it doesn't come along with incisiveness, judgment and an emotional maturity, it doesn't do you much good. He has all of those things, and that's large. Not that many people have that.

-- gregg popovich

We shall see how the season unfolds. 

But, at the moment, my best comparison is to the Allen Iverson-led Philadelphia Sixers. They weren't a one-man show. Nor are this year's Boston Celtics. Both teams, however, center on single super stars, and teams that do this risk struggling in crunch time and in big games. Iverson led his team to the NBA Finals. Can Kyrie Irving do the same? We shall see. This year won't be like 1985-86, or 2007-08 for that matter. But if Kyrie can stay healthy, he will make it interesting. I like the supporting cast, too. But like most supporting casts, Kyrie won't know who he can rely on until after the game starts.

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New Three Win Opener


Big Three Win Season Opener

With the local sports spotlight dominated by the Red Sox, Patriots, and Boston College football team, the Celtics screamed for attention last night.


Garnett Snares 20 Boards in Celtic Debut


With the hot sports spotlight dominated by the World Champion Red Sox, the undefeated Patriots, and the second-ranked Boston College football team, the Celtics screamed loudly last night to force the locals to pay attention to them.


From League Dormat to Conference Favorites


In the nearly six months since, the Celtics have done more than just change their roster. They've completely changed their identity. In less time than it takes Clark Kent to pop in and out of a phone booth, Ainge dispatched a collection of young, promising players for Garnett and Ray Allen. And just like that, the Celtics went from hopefuls to handfuls, a team that many are picking to win the Eastern Conference.


Nails to Miss Opening Night

November 2, 2007

Put up or shut up time

Enough with the introductions and the anticipation of what this team will actually look like.

``I'm not star-struck anymore,'' Paul Pierce said after a month of training camp.


Role Players Ready to Play Role

November 2, 2007

The newly minted version of the Big Three has succeeded in making the Celtics relevant once again.

Whether that translates into wins will depend largely on the supporting cast.


Garnett at ease facing Minnesota

October 9, 2007

LONDON - As new Celtic Kevin Garnett sat calmly while his old team completed practice nearby yesterday, his eyes focused on Timberwolves physical therapist Andre Deloya as he touched his chest before giving his friend some heartfelt words.

"There is a little void right here now," said Deloya, in reference to Garnett.


Doc Thinking Ring

October 8, 2007

LONDON - Much has been made of the fact that Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen finally have a legitimate chance to play deep into the postseason. And rightly so. All own sterling individual resumes, but have yet to be surrounded by the type of talent that can take them into late spring.


Pierce Thanks McHale as C's Play T-Wolves

October 9, 2007

LONDON - The Timberwolves still were on the court when Kevin Garnett and the Celtics came into O2 Arena late yesterday morning. While a number of others were laughing and speaking with friends, Garnett walked to a chair and quietly got ready for practice.


Three is not enough: Other Celtics must contribute

November 2, 2007

Tip-Off on Opening Night

WALTHAM - The ball lands in your hands deep in the post. One easy move and you're on your way to a score and the public address announcer saying your name in front of a packed house. But before you take a shot, you notice that 10-time All-Star Kevin Garnett is open at the free throw line, seven-time All-Star Ray Allen is on one wing behind the 3-point line, and five-time All-Star Paul Pierce is on the other wing with his hands up.


Big Three have history of friendship

October 30, 2007

NEW YORK - When Paul Pierce mentions the white Nissan he drove during his days at Inglewood High School, Kevin Garnett laughs. They joke about Cinnabons at the mall and summer Sundays spent driving down Crenshaw Boulevard in that white Nissan. They take turns completing the same story about an AAU tournament victory in Las Vegas, sounding like old friends from way back when.


Employee #8 Dealt to Wolves

October 28, 2007

You hesitate to call it a GIGO deal (garbage in, garbage out), but a lot of folks in Miami are stunned that anyone would take Antoine Walker while just as many folks in the Twin Cities are equally shocked that anyone would take Mark Blount.


Roster cut to 14

October 26, 2007

The Celts waived Dahntay Jones and Jackie Manuel, getting their roster down to 14, one below the NBA maximum. As expected, undrafted rookie Brandon Wallace made the club.

``You never want to release guys obviously, but I thought we needed to get down to the number that we're going to start the season with,'' said Rivers. ``That was important for me. The Dahntay decision was the toughest. He's a veteran and probably right now he could probably help our team more. Maybe later Brandon can - not even this year. So that's a tough one.''

As for getting to 14, Rivers added, ``We wanted to make sure if someone shakes loose or is in the middle of the year we needed to make a move that we had room to do it. But this might be who we are, and I'm fine with that.''


Perkins is center of KG's attention

October 26, 2007

Some of his other teammates may have more glorious resumes, but Kevin Garnett has become a Kendrick Perkins fan for a number of reasons. He likes the way Perk plays, appreciates his intensity and, perhaps most important, enjoys staying away from the pivot.


Big Three Debut at Gahden

October 18, 2007

Ray Allen worried about getting lost on his way to the arena, and sure enough, like Kevin Garnett, he found the task of locating TD Banknorth Garden akin to riding a motor scooter through a rotary in Rome.

``I saw it. I just couldn't quite get to it,'' Allen said after the Celtics ran their preseason record to 3-0 with a 101-61 rout of the Knicks.


Tough Road to Hoe for Powe

October 15, 2007

WALTHAM - The guarantees come slowly for Leon Powe.

One was in July for $150,000 for being on the Celtics' roster at the first of the month. The other came a couple weeks back when the number went up to $200,000 for being on the team Oct. 1.


Celtics Prepping House for a point job

October 16, 2007

WALTHAM - From Miami to Los Angeles to Charlotte to Milwaukee to Sacramento to Phoenix to New Jersey, NBA journeyman Eddie House has proven to be a hot scorer off the bench. Celtics coach Doc Rivers is going to give the newcomer a chance to prove he is a solid point guard off the bench, too.


New lineup perking him up: Celtic is fine with being fifth option

October 12, 2007

LONDON - It was center Kendrick Perkins who aggressively took the first two shots during the Celtics' exhibition game Wednesday, not one of the heralded threesome of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce.


Lex's Annual Win Prediction

Let there be no mistake.

Barring injury, this team will be insanely good.

Offense, defense, passing. The list is endless.

Jeff Van Gundy couldn't stop talking about how long we were.

No, there is no 7-foot dude in the middle.

What he meant was we've gone from 5-9, 6-1, and 6-6 to 6-3, 6-7, and 6-8. It's an absolute world of difference. Night and day. This impacts defense, rebounding, everything. Sure, maybe Avery was an elite defender. But I wonder how much does "elite" buy you when it's getting replaced by really good? We'll find out. But I'm gonna say not much.

The second unit with Rozier and Smart? Wow. I say keep the Mook on the second unit, and start Tatum. Mook settles down second unit with veteran presence, and gives Tatum some non-pressure minutes with the starters. Stevens is brilliant.

Kyrie is going to be a top-3 MVP candidate. I like Gordon, and I think he's still finding himself. But he's no Kyrie. Kyrie could easily have a Steph kind of year. As good as IT was last year, Kyrie is on another planet. The offense even hints at stalling out with time running out on the shot clock, and Kyrie is gonna score the ball.

58 wins minimum.

This team isn't gonna be good in the East.

This team is gonna be good.


The Celtics' European Vacation

September 30, 2007

ROME - There is an estimated seven-hour flight from Boston to Rome. There are two foreign cultures to get accustomed to, and numerous off-the-court appearances. Don't forget the traffic, which can make Boston's look light. There will be reminders of championship expectations with each media session. There is an estimated six-hour return flight from London about two weeks later.

Oh yeah, and with 11 new players, the Celtics must focus when they do practice.


Big Baby Trying to Form the Right Habits

September 29, 2007

No matter where Glen ``Big Baby'' Davis looks these days, he's surrounded by not just elders, but elders with good habits.

``Habits? When you're a college kid you have no experience,'' he said. ``You have school, practice, and that's how you go through life.

``But I'm in the NBA now. I don't have to go to school now. How I organize myself and how I approach practice is what's going to matter. It's a business. I just have to make that transformation.

``Now I'm on a team with a chance to win a championship,'' he added. ``How much better can that get? It's just real different. . . . It's a transformation for me, to get adjusted, get the good habits that I see and put it all into my game.''


Maybe Danny Ainge isn't Such an Idiot Afterall

September 27, 2007

Larry Bird hasn't played golf this summer.

The Pacers general manager has been too busy attempting to halt his team's free fall.

``If I had Kevin Garnett, then I could play golf,'' Bird quipped Monday, with former teammate Danny Ainge in the crosshairs of his laconic wit.


Tony Allen Seeks to Bounce Back from Knee Injury

September 29, 2007

Tony Allen will know he's ready for the NBA when he can do something that may come more naturally than anything else for the Celtics guard.

``It will be when I can dunk on somebody,'' said Allen, recovering from the second major knee surgery of his young career. ``I'm doing everything right now. I'm catching and shooting, running up and down, rebounding. I've been scrimmaging against some of the rookies.

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