Dudley Bradley Seals the W

January 24, 1981

The Celtics are still alive thanks to their new sixth man'. The only way that Dudley Bradley could have made two free throws with no time remaining would have been if he had nerves of steel and was completely deaf.


Wasting a Pick on Ainge

It was 1981 and we had just won the championship, former Celtics general manager Jan Volk said the other day. 'We had our first-round pick and two fairly high second-rounders. We took Charles Bradley in the first round (with the 23rd and last pick). We took Tracy Jackson from Notre Dame, and then we decided to take a shot on Danny.

And though it was very much a shot in the dark, it was one worth taking with the extra second-round selection (and there was even talk from the Celts they'd take him in the first round). Under normal circumstances, Ainge would have been a top-five pick. But despite averaging 24.4 points and winning the John Wooden Award in his senior year at Brigham Young, Ainge was committed to baseball and had sent a letter to all the NBA teams essentially letting them know they shouldn't waste a draft pick on him.

But the Celtics had one to waste.


Walton and Sichting Making a Difference

April 13, 1986

THE BOSTON Celtics were running The Fist. Bill Walton was in the low post. Kevin McHale was posted low on the other side, Larry Bird was on the right wing, Jerry Sichting on left wing and Dennis Johnson was handling the ball. Johnson passed the ball to Bird, and he in turn made a pass into Walton. As two Cleveland Cavaliers came over to double-team him, Walton gave the ball over to Sichting, who was all alone after a pick by Johnson. He canned a 20-foot jumper.


The Life of Riley

October 15, 1991
It's usually misleading to read anything into exhibition results, but when you're 2-0, and you've won by margins of 26 and 21 points, something must be going right.

That's what Pat Riley's New York Knicks have done. They wasted Dallas, 117-91, and Washington, 112-91. They host the Celtics tonight at Madison Square Garden and then rendezvous in Hartford tomorrow night for a rematch. 


The Sherman Douglas Shoe Saga Put in Perspective


Red Auerbach was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital Friday night after he suffered chest pains and will undergo a catheterization procedure tomorrow morning to determine whether surgery is necessary.

The 75-year-old Celtics president felt a tightness in his chest while attending the team breakup dinner in Boston. When he returned to his apartment in the Prudential Center area, the pain returned, and he telephoned his personal physician, Roman DeSanctis of Mass. General.

"Red is resting comfortably and he will stay in the intensive care unit until we get the catheterization done on Monday morning," said DeSanctis.

"He did not have a heart attack, but after he called me Friday night and explained what happened to him, I thought it best to bring him into the hospital."

The Auerbach situation extends the Celtics' season of turbulence even after their elimination from the playoffs. It comes on the heels of Reggie Lewis' hospitalization for cardiac abnormalities after he collapsed on the court during a game, which was followed by Kevin McHale's retirement announcement. Earlier in the season, there was controversy surrounding Marcus Webb's alleged confrontation with police, an incident that has never been proven to have occurred, plus the rookie's later arrest on a rape charge; Robert Parish's arrest for marijuana possession; and Sherman Douglas' sudden hiatus from the club after removing his shoes during a game and refusing to return to action..


C's Dangling 3 and 6 Picks

June 22, 1997

Assuming Dino Radja gets his mind - and left knee - straight and accepts the trade to Philadelphia, the Friday deal that brought Clarence Weatherspoon and Michael Cage from the 76ers may be simply the trigger for larger transactions.


Walton Goes for 19 & 13 in 25 Minutes

January 27, 1986

The pre-game mood was different today in the Philadelphia 76er and Boston Celtic dressing rooms. The 76ers were relieved that Kevin McHale, who had scored 88 points in his previous three games against them, was sidelined with a painful Achilles tendon in his left foot. The Celtics were wondering who among them would make up for the loss of the 6-foot-11-inch power forward.


Nets Go Down Fighting

Image result for calipari pitino

November 22, 1997
John Calipari said he wants his Nets to have a rivalry with the Celtics. But what the coach should be worried about this morning is the Nets' rivalry with an unlikely opponent: the Nets.

Things got so bad during last night's 101-93 loss to the Celtics that at halftime, teammates Sam Cassell and Chris Gatling nearly came to blows. Anyone who watched the second quarter shouldn't have been surprised. Gatling busted a play and got an earful from Cassell. So as Gatling went to his spot on the post, he elbowed his teammate. 


Kobe Drawing Interesting Comparisons

November 23, 1997
He is already on a first-name basis with his colleagues, teammates, fans, and everyone else. The name certainly is different - Kobe. The individual is certainly different, too.

The rampaging Lakers make their only visit to Boston this week, and Kobe Bryant arrives with a package so terrifyingly dynamic and explosive that he already is drawing comparisons to, well, I'm not going to say it. Most people liken him to Grant Hill, but Bryant is a hungry carnivore compared with the Pistons' cerebral Mr. Intel. No, the player people are seeing when they watch Bryant happens to play for the Chicago Bulls - and it isn't Joe Kleine. That's all you have to know, and this is not an Adidas spin. 


Never Nervous Posts 5 Blocks in One Game

November 23, 1997
Pervis Ellison had five of the Celtics' 10 blocked shots in Friday's 101-93 victory over the New Jersey Nets, and the center seems to have found his defensive niche. He has 14 rejections this season.

"Pervis is one of the best shot blockers in the game," said coach Rick Pitino. "For his knees, he has great timing. He's a very long basketball player, so he's got excellent terror when it comes to shot blocking." 


Celtics go Burlesque with ML

June 21, 1995


"Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest of them all?


-M.L. Carr

No, M.L. Carr didn't really recite his own little version of the old nursery rhyme Monday.

But he should have. Wasn't that the message?

Of all the coaches he could have chosen to be the new coach of the Boston Celtics, ol' M.L. came up with himself.


Trap and Press Leads to Another W

November 24, 1997
This was a situation made for Rick Pitino's system. Give me your tired and weary and we will press them to death. That is exactly what happened last night; the schedule-maker gave the Celtics a wet kiss. And the result is a Celtics team finally above the water line, learning to swim instead of sinking like a stone.


Introduction of ML Carr as New Head Coach Unsettling

June 20, 1995

There was a time, many years ago, when the naming of a head coach of the Celtics was something of a coronation.

I believe Walter Cronkite was on the scene, live, when Bill Russell replaced Red Auerbach as head coach.

These days, a Celtics press conference isn't much more than "Live at the Improv." And so it was yesterday afternoon as the Celtics unveiled M.L. Carr as their new head coach.


Walton Set the Bar High


April 1, 2005

Midway through the second half of the 1973 NCAA Tournament championship game at The Arena, UCLA guard Greg Lee spoke up during a timeout.

"Greg said to Coach Wooden, 'C'mon Coach, we've got a 20-point lead, can somebody else besidesBill shoot for a while?'" recalled the subject of Lee's plea, center Bill Walton. "And CoachWooden looked around and said, 'Why?'"


NC State Conquers a Giant: Remembering the Wolfpack's Stunning Victory over Wooden, Walton, and UCLA

March 20, 2006

"People used to say we were a circus team. We had the midget, the giant, the high-flying guy. But we were more than that."

- David Thompson

They certainly were much more. N.C. State's 1973-74 Wolfpack ended the season as NCAA basketball champions two days after shocking perennial champ UCLA 80-77 in a double-overtime Final Four semifinal thriller.


Pitino as Coach and Bird as GM?

Pitino as Coach and Bird as GM?

May 1, 1997

Memo to Paul "Thanksdad" Gaston:

It's time. You have a chance to make the Celtics a premier team once again. Here's the plan. The first thing you must do is find a new job for M.L. Carr. Then you hire Rick Pitino as head coach, hire Larry Bird as director of basketball operations, and send Red Auerbach to the draft lottery and make sure he comes away with the No. 1 pick.


A Return to Full-Time for the Mountain Man?

January 21, 1983

Center Bill Walton officially became a full-time San Diego Clipper Thursday after getting approval from his orthopedic surgeon.

The announcement came after Walton, who is attempting a comeback after a two-year absence, had met with Dr. Tony Daly, who last operated on the former UCLA star's thrice-broken left foot.


Despite a Career Full of Injuries, Walton Feels Lucky

December 1, 2002

The first thing Bill Walton drops into conversation is the surgeries--a staggering list that is as much a part of his persona as his devotion to the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and John Wooden. His nose was broken 13 times, his front teeth knocked out 10 times, surgery twice on his left hand, five times on his left knee and the other 25 on his feet.


Could it be? A healthy Bill Walton?

October 22, 1984
The Los Angeles Clippers are an optimistic bunch approaching the start of the 1984-85 National Basketball Association season, their first in Los Angeles.

There are many reasons for their high hopes, not the least of which is the physical condition of BillWalton.


Walton goes for 15, 11, 9, and 4 in Garden Return

January 30, 1983

The big news last night was to have been Bill Walton's return to Madison Square Garden after an absence of more than five years. Instead, it was Randy Smith, a former Knick, and Lowes Moore, a Nets' castoff, who hurt the Knicks most in their 106-97 loss to the San Diego Clippers.


Chris Ford Rolls On

December 15, 1979

The amazing, astounding, stupendous, improbable Chris Ford three-point saga rolls on. In addition to his game-winning bomb last evening, Ford tossed in two other three-pointers in six attempts, increasing his consecutive-game streak to 12 and raising his success rate during that span to 57 percent (25-44). Said Brian Winters of the winning basket, "I was kind of on the side of him, and Bennie (Milwaukee's Kent Benson) was coming at him. He had to loft it up over Bennie. It was the kind of shot you wanted him to take" ... Dave Cowens has been around long enough to know that even though he was 0 for 10 in the second half and 3 for 19 in the game, he had to take an open 18- footer which brought the Celtics to within two at 90-88.


Chris Ford Banks in Three for Game Winner

December 15, 1979

Could it be? Could it possibly be? Could Chris Ford have made three more three-pointers, and could the third one have come with time running out, a 25- foot running onehand banker high off the glass on an in-bounds play? Could Chris Ford have pulled out an implausible 97-94 victory for the Celtics over the Bucks, a triumph they did not deserve by virtue of their atrocious game- long play? The answer to all these questions is Y-E-S.


Bucks, Celts Heading in Opposite Directions


December 14, 1979

They both began the NBA season with more hope than talent. At one point, the Celtics and Bucks ranked 1-2 as the surprise teams of the year in their respective divisions. And both continue to hold either the lead or a share of first place. But when they meet tonight (7:30 p.m., WBZ) at the Garden in the rematch of their mini-series, it will be like two ships passing in the night. For Boston is seemingly in high gear, coming off a 116-102 victory over New Jersey Wednesday, and has a 13-1 record at home. Milwaukee has lost five in a row and hasn't won a game since Dec. 4.


Cowens, Cowens, and more Cowens

December 13, 1979

Dave Cowens. The name must have tumbled from the lips of friend and foe alike a thousand times last night after the Celtics had defeated the Nets by that 116-102 score. Larry Bird had played well. Cedric Maxwell had earned his coach's respect ("He played an excellent game"). Gerald Henderson had unveiled his Lazarus routine. But everyone kept coming back to Dave Cowens.


McHale: Fernsten Helped Us Hoist Some Hardware

February 27, 1990
The Celtics had a day off yesterday, and with it a chance to reflect on a gritty 4-4 road swing in which they tackled one of the toughest schedules on the docket and came out of it at .500. Considering how difficult it is to win away from home in the NBA, that should be cause for celebration.

Fernsten Goes for 8 & 9 in 22 Minutes

October 26, 1980
The Boston Celtics gave the Bullets a lesson in fast-break team basketball last night that left the Washington players panting and talking to themselves afterward.

Celtic reserve Rick Robey scored 18 points to lead a balanced attack that resulted in a 103-87 romp before 10,628 at Capital Centre.

Both sides sustained casualties. 


Hankinson Found Dead


November 22, 1996
Phil Hankinson, a reserve on the Boston Celtics' 1973-74 NBA championship team, was found shot to death in an apparent suicide, authorities said.

Hankinson, 45, apparently shot himself while sitting in his car, Shelby County coroner Tommy Sampson said. Hankinson was found Tuesday. 


Fox in the Hunt

October 13, 1991
He didn't want to call it nerves. Or jitters. Rick Fox instead called himself anxious as he stepped onto the Boston Garden floor for his real taste of NBA action.


Tragic End for Former Celtic

December 1, 1996

On Nov. 18, Phil Hankinson gassed up his 1991 Buick LeSabre for the four-day drive from South Carolina to Las Vegas. Along the way, he stopped for chips and soda and to buy three shirts. He also bought a handgun.

Within hours, he would use everything but the shirts.


20 Shots, 20 Points, and an L

Image result for dominique wilkins celtics

November 5, 1994

They are already whispering about it. One game, one loss, and the whispers are here, because it happened just the way the naysayers said it would: Dominique Wilkins would take 20 shots, and score 20 points, and the Celtics would lose. Every night.


Poor 'Niquey

Image result for dominique wilkins celtics

January 26, 1995

The smiles are gone. The optimism has been obliterated. July 25, 1994, the day Dominique Wilkins became a Boston Celtic, was a lifetime ago. Was it all a mirage? Was the euphoria that followed a beaming M.L. Carr's introduction of the Human Highlight Film a cruel, twisted joke? What happened to the promise the Celtics would be good again? And what about that promise they would be fun, too?

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