Sixers End Celtics Streak

Celtics Fall to 55-16
1981-82 Boston Celtics

Robert Parish knew it was going to be one of those days long before it started.

"In the locker room," said the Celtics giant center, "I knew it then. We were too relaxed. It wasn't the same as you normally have for a Celtics-76ers game. "All streaks end and I thought Philly might be a club capable of doing it. But I didn't expect them to beat us as badly as this."


C's Dump Hawks

Celtics Improve to 57-16
1981-82 Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics were valid World Champions in victory. The Atlanta Hawks were noble in defeat. The Atlanta fans were sportsmen who came to see a basketball game and not to indulge in any extracurricular activities. A whole lot of people did themselves proud at the Omni last night.


Celtics Reach 60 Mark, Clinch Division Title

Celtics Improve to 60-17
1981-82 Boston Celtics

Forget about saluting the Celtics with "We Are The Champions" this morning. Instead serenade Robert Parish the next time you see him with "Hail To The Chief."

The Celtics are indeed the Atlantic Division champions for 1981-82. Their 106-103 triumph over the New Jersey Nets at the Garden last night took care of that, since either a Boston triumph or a Philadelphia loss would have ensured Boston's eventual division title by virtue of the tie-breaking system. But it's still nice to win it instead of having it handed it to you, and thanks to Robert Parish they won it, all right.


Celtics-Hawks to Resume Game from November

1990-91 Boston Celtics

Well, who wouldn't? They're already up by 15, the game is almost 14 minutes old and they're at home, where they've won 11 straight and their average victory margin is 16.8 points.

(Aside to NBA commissioner David Stern: Larry was only kidding.)


Walton and Wooden -- Almost as Good as Auerbach and Russell

Image result for bill walton ucla card

Midway through the second half of the 1973 NCAA Tournament championship game at The Arena, UCLA guard Greg Lee spoke up during a timeout.

"Greg said to Coach Wooden, 'C'mon Coach, we've got a 20-point lead, can somebody else besides Bill shoot for a while?'" recalled the subject of Lee's plea, center Bill Walton. "And Coach Wooden looked around and said, 'Why?'"

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