"Lapsadaisical" Celtics Foreshadow Remainder of Season

November 13, 2004


   While the word, a Gary Payton original, does not appear in any dictionary, it perfectly describes how the Celtics played during the first half last night at the FleetCenter.

Lapsadaisical covers mental lapses and lackadaisical play. It explains why they struggled early against the expansion Charlotte Bobcats before recording a 91-74 win. It also captures the kind of inconsistencies that have plagued Boston in wins and losses. Only by overcoming lapsadaisical tendencies and setting a more aggressive tone in the second half did the Celtics find a way to extend their winning streak to three games.


The Raefinator goes for 18, 10, and 3


Hey, they could easily be 4-0, you know. They also could easily be 1-3. But the Celtics are 2-2 after four games, having eked out a 90-88 victory last night over the Trail Blazers. And we know what Bill Parcells would say: You are what you are.


Pierce Buzzer Beater Takes Down Theo Ratliff and the Blazers


Less than a week ago, Doc Rivers talked about the Celtics lacking the kind of toughness needed to pull out close victories. After last night's game at the FleetCenter, no one can question the toughness of Paul Pierce.


Ricky Davis: 21-32 from the Floor?


It sounds too good to be true, but entering last night's game against Portland, Ricky Davis led the Celtics in field goal percentage. By a long shot. In games against Philadelphia, Indiana, and New York, Davis went 21 for 32 from the floor (66 percent). He ranks fourth in the league. The high shooting percentage has allowed Davis to average 18.7 points per game (second on the team to Paul Pierce) on 10.7 attempts per game. Granted, the regular season is very young, but Davis's patience and judicious shot selection remains a pleasant and welcome surprise.

"Oh, really?" said Davis when told of his statistical lead in the shooting percentage category. "I knew I was shooting it pretty good. I guess now I'm a little aware of it. I haven't really been worried about it. I've been getting good looks in spots where I'm comfortable shooting the ball. It's just been going in for me. It's about getting to the basket and I've been working on my jumper so those shots are getting easy."

Party time?


Doc and Co Make it 3 Straight


Forget for a moment that the Celtics struggled in the first half against the expansion Bobcats. Consider instead what Boston's 91-74 victory over Charlotte means to the big picture.

The win pushed Paul Pierce and Co. a game over .500 and gave them a three-game winning streak. The Celtics (3-2) now have a couple of wins at the FleetCenter to go with a victory in their lone game on the road.


Jiri Welsch Reluctant Leader of Second Unit


WALTHAM - Jiri Welsch may vent his frustrations in Czech on the court, but his body language during games and unusually short answers to questions after practice yesterday need no translation. Although a team player, Welsch has been frustrated with his second-unit duties. In a system suited to his abilities and basketball intelligence, Welsch has struggled to make meaningful contributions, averaging 5.5 points and 3.3 rebounds in 17.3 minutes per game.


Baby Moses? Doc Likes What He Sees in Big Al


WALTHAM - The coach already has a nickname for his teenage hoop hunk: Moses. It has nothing to do with tablets and everything to do with talent. In this case, we're not talking about the biblical Moses, but the basketball player who is in the Hall of Fame and who, like the teenager in question, went into pro basketball directly from high school."I keep yelling, 'Moses,' " Doc Rivers said yesterday when asked about rookie Celtics power forward Al Jefferson. "That's who he reminds me of. Obviously, he's not Moses. But he has Moses Malone tendencies: the quick jumper, keeping the ball alive, long arms, great instincts in the paint. And really raw."

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a Raef Sighting


WALTHAM - He's not among the team leaders in points or minutes, two areas that Raef LaFrentz could well improve on as the NBA season moves along. But here's where he is undeniably at the top of the list for the Celtics: relief. He's playing, he's playing reasonably well ("hot and cold," according to coach Doc Rivers), and he's playing every day, without a lot of pain.

It hasn't been that way for almost two seasons.


Bourque Better than Orr? Come On



TORONTO - Back in Boston, where Ray Bourque and Bobby Orr both made their names, there probably isn't a puck-loving, Bruins-worshiping baby boomer who would consider Bourque the better player.

Well, time to consider it.

   Better yet, with Bourque entering the Hockey Hall of Fame here tonight, it is finally time to believe it.

Rivers Finally Gets a W


NEW YORK - In the wake of a second straight fourth-quarter collapse Friday night, coach Doc Rivers said, "It just doesn't take a lot to distract us right now."

   And a Saturday night home-opener at Madison Square Garden - with Paris Hilton and Howard Stern sitting front and center - can be pretty distracting. But the Celtics did more than survive in a city that can force a team off its game. They thrived.


Vin Baker New York Knick


NEW YORK - Putting a slight spin on Frank Sinatra, Gary Payton figures that if former teammate Vin Baker "can do it in New York, with a city like that, then he can do it anywhere."    Baker continues his recovery from alcoholism while playing basketball in the city that doesn't sleep. After resolving a protracted contract dispute with the Celtics, Baker signed with the Knicks as a free agent last March. Last night, Baker faced Boston for the first time since the team terminated his contract, and scored 2 points and grabbed six rebounds in 14 minutes in the Knicks' loss. He's happy to be a role player for New York, but Baker is still disappointed with the way Boston handled his situation.

The Rich Get Richer


It’s an ideal match for Wallace and his new team. He comes in knowing he doesn’t have to be The Man (or even The Second Man or Third Man) and can lend his considerable skills to the team. Boston gets what it so desperately lacked last season: a quality big man coming off the bench. Two years ago, that man was P.J. Brown(notes) and, with a healthy K.G., Boston won it all. Last year, it was thought to be Mikki Moore(notes) and, without K.G., the Celtics went out in the second round. Neither Brown nor Moore is close to the talent that Wallace offers.

Link to rest of article.


Artest a Real Load in Pacers' Win

The Celtics have opened the 2004-05 season with two close losses at home. Last night, they dropped a 100-94 decision to the Indiana Pacers, which went much like the 98-95 loss to Philadelphia Wednesday night.

Expectations were High when Danny added Sheed


Random Drive-Bys

A quick look at reaction to the Sheed acquisition from around the league:  

Boston’s over-the-top swagger meter is in danger of exploding from Day One. Garnett, ‘Sheed, Kendrick Perkins, Pierce, Rondo smacking people in the face, Eddie House’s general demeanor; this could be the most insufferable team EVER put together.


Doc Era in Boston Begins Much Like Orlando Era Ended


For the second straight game, the Celtics were tested down the stretch by an Eastern Conference rival. With coach Doc Rivers exhorting his team to "stay together," the Pacers started pulling away en route to a 100-94 victory last night at the FleetCenter.

Searching for their first win of the season, the Celtics had to deal with another late collapse. Indiana used a 13-4 run near the end of the fourth quarter to earn the victory.

Opening Night Hits and Misses


The world of preseason is a blissful place. Everyone is undefeated, and even when you lose a game, it doesn't count. It gives coaches time to tinker, and experiment, and lay out a grand blueprint earmarked with fervent hopes and ambitions.


Obie Claims Victory Over Doc in Battle of Past v. Present


Coach Doc Rivers said mental toughness would be key for the Celtics. Last night, facing the 76ers in the season opener at the FleetCenter, the Celtics had their mettle tested down the stretch. In a game in which both teams came back from large deficits, Philadelphia prevailed, 98-95, after Paul Pierce missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Obie Acclimating Self to Visitor's Locker Room


Philadelphia coach Jim O'Brien found the tight confines of the visitors' locker room a tad uncomfortable as he prepared to face Boston in the season opener last night at the FleetCenter. But knowing Celtics history firsthand, he could understand the less-than-inviting accommodations.


Anyone Know What Number Havlicek Wore? Then You Know More than Big Al

John Havlicek Boston Celtics Nba Embroidered Replica Throwback ...

November 2, 2004

WALTHAM - When Hall of Famer John Havlicek visited Celtics practice last week, it seemed like the perfect time for a quick history lesson. Coach Doc Rivers said he would cancel practice if 19-year-old rookie Al Jefferson could tell him Havlicek's number. A couple of the Boston veterans stole glances at the banners featuring retired numbers hanging above the practice court, hoping to help Jefferson narrow his options. Jefferson never got the hint and blurted out, "44."

Laughter exploded from the ranks. Jiri Welsch, No. 44, stood right next to Jefferson.


Celts Face Jim O'Brien in Doc's Debut

November 2, 2004

The day the Orlando Magic fired Doc Rivers, his voice mailbox was flooded with messages. Many came from coaching colleagues around the NBA. Some offered consolation. Some advice. Some perspective. Some humor.

Hours after losing his first NBA head coaching job, and just three years removed from winning Coach of the Year honors, Rivers never felt more connected to the NBA coaching fraternity. One message in particular stuck in his mind.

The Good Old Days


Obie to Get Back Where He Once Belonged

November 3, 2004

It has all the gossipy intrigue and social awkwardness of seating the still-respected ex-wife and the sexy new girlfriend at the same table for a family wedding. Former Celtics coach Jim O'Brien returns to the FleetCenter tonight, with the Philadelphia 76ers in tow, for the season opener against the Celtics.

Parish v. Laimbeer: The Forgotten Brawl

Boston Celtics (25-8)

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Basic Box Score Stats
Larry Bird 43:00 9 19 .474 0 2 .000 8 8 1.000 1 11 12 8 3 0 4 2 26
Dennis Johnson 40:00 5 13 .385 0 2 .000 7 8 .875 1 2 3 4 1 0 0 4 17
Kevin McHale 39:00 10 17 .588 0 0
9 10 .900 5 3 8 1 0 3 2 4 29
Danny Ainge 17:00 1 3 .333 0 0
2 2 1.000 1 0 1 4 1 0 1 1 4
Robert Parish 16:00 5 9 .556 0 0
0 0
0 4 4 1 0 0 1 2 10
Jerry Sichting 25:00 1 4 .250 0 1 .000 6 6 1.000 0 1 1 4 1 0 1 2 8
Bill Walton 20:00 2 8 .250 0 0
3 4 .750 1 4 5 1 0 0 1 4 7
Scott Wedman 17:00 1 5 .200 0 0
0 0
0 1 1 1 1 2 0 2 2
Sam Vincent 11:00 2 4 .500 0 0
2 2 1.000 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 3 6
Greg Kite 8:00 0 0
0 0
0 0
0 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 0
Rick Carlisle 3:00 0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
David Thirdkill 1:00 0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Team Totals 240 36 82 .439 0 5 .000 37 40 .925 9 27 36 25 8 7 12 26 109

Detroit Pistons (16-19)

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Basic Box Score Stats
Isiah Thomas 46:00 16 29 .552 1 1 1.000 6 7 .857 5 1 6 13 1 1 2 3 39
Bill Laimbeer 36:00 3 8 .375 0 0
8 9 .889 2 12 14 2 1 0 3 5 14
Kelly Tripucka 31:00 6 19 .316 0 0
6 7 .857 5 4 9 1 0 0 2 3 18
Rick Mahorn 23:00 3 8 .375 0 0
1 1 1.000 3 3 6 1 0 0 1 2 7
John Long 22:00 7 12 .583 0 0
0 0
0 1 1 0 0 0 2 3 14
Earl Cureton 26:00 2 4 .500 0 0
3 6 .500 3 9 12 0 0 0 2 3 7
Vinnie Johnson 26:00 2 7 .286 0 0
0 0
2 1 3 4 3 0 1 2 4
Tony Campbell 16:00 4 6 .667 0 0
1 2 .500 0 2 2 1 0 0 0 4 9
Mike Gibson 11:00 0 0
0 0
0 0
1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0
Joe Dumars 3:00 0 0
0 0
1 2 .500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Team Totals 240 43 93 .462 1 1 1.000 26 34 .765 21 33 54 23 5 1 13 27 113

Tue, Jan 7, 1986

In November, it was Dennis Johnson getting ejected for fighting Bill Laimbeer; last night it was Robert Parish (Chief) swinging at Laimbeer.

"We don't like Laimbeer too good," said Larry Bird.


Ainge Excited to See What He's Built


He knows what he wants. He just has no idea what he has.

On the eve of the 2004-05 NBA season, the man in charge of putting together the Boston Celtics is every bit as eager as the most ardent fan to see what his latest efforts have wrought.

"I'm anxious to see how it all works," Danny Ainge said yesterday.

Blount Trying to Make Good on 6-Year, $42m Contract


WALTHAM - After a physical, tightly contested game, Mark Blount likes to unwind with a gourmet meal and glass of wine. The center can be the picture of refinement away from the FleetCenter, which runs contrary to the lasting image left with opponents. Blount plays a blue-collar game on the court. He likes to do the dirty work inside as the Celtics' defensive anchor. Tough. Disciplined. Defense-oriented. Consistent. Consummately professional. Prepared to play 48 minutes, if need be.


The Journey Begins: What Can We Expect from the 2009-10 Season?

Doc Rivers and the Big Three did a lot of talking about the Journey during 2007-08 championship season, so much so that more than a few of us tuned it out as so much blather. For the die hards deprived of a title for more than 20 years, the only thing that counted was the destination. We got what we wanted. We got what we predicted, and we got revenge for that damned junior, junior thing back in '87.

But this year things are little more murky.

We got injuries (KG's knee). We got age (Ray Allen and Rasheed Wallace). We got unknowns (Marquis Daniels and Shelden Williams). We even have unknown injuries (Paul Pierce's bone spurs, Perkins' shoulder).

So more than 2007-08, this year's gonna be the real journey.

The 2009-10 Boston Celtics could end up like the 1971-72 Lakers, dismissed as old and beat up only to surprise at how dominant they can be. Or they could be like the 1986-87 Lakers, who by adding one big man, Mychal Thompson, changed the outlook of the team from one in a field of competitors vying for the title to the odds on favorites to win the whole thing. Or they could be like the 1987 Celtics, who were barely healthy enough by the end of the year to complete the race.

But at the end of the day, we have the best roster in the NBA. We have the best starting five, and we have the best bench. We have the best coach for this team. I'm ready for the journey. Or as KG once said, I'm ready to go to war:

Marcus Missing the Point?


WALTHAM - Where have you gone, Marcus Banks?

The second-year point guard was conspicuously absent from the Celtics' final exhibition game vs. the Pistons. DNP-Coach's Decision.

   Jiri Welsch started at point guard in place of the injured Gary Payton. Delonte West received the backup minutes. In the previous two exhibition games, both against Cleveland, Banks played a total of two minutes.


The Difference between this Year and Two Years Ago


stop (stp)
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1. To close by covering, filling in, or plugging up.
2. To constrict.
3. To obstruct or block passage on.
4. To prevent the flow or passage of: stop supplies from getting through.
a. To halt the motion or progress of: stopped me and asked directions.
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