LA Prevails Again

February 19, 1990

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The game plan was being followed to a textbook T. Turnovers? A manageable seven at intermission, a nice complement to a half in which the Celtics shot 63 percent from the floor.

Did someone mention shooting? In the first eight minutes of the third quarter, Boston hit 90 percent of its jumpers.

And lost the lead.

The game, too.


Another Last-Second Shot by Magic Secures Lakers' Victory

December 12, 1987

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Is there a longer second or second and a half in sports? Team A by a point. Man from Team B lets fly with the basketball, and by the time the ball either does or doesn't go in the basket, the buzzer will have sounded and the game will be over. All control of the game passes to a higher authority. And isn't the suspense heightened when the identity of the player from Team B is Earvin (Magic) Johnson and the identity of Team A is the Boston Celtics, and the game is being played in Boston Garden?


36-12 Run Falls Short

February 15, 1988

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The moral of the story is: Hang around long enough, you'll see everything.

In this particular case, you'd see the Lakers impose a suffocating first-half defense that triggers a 20-point (64-44) halftime lead. Next you'd see the Celtics play a Michelangelo of a third period, wiping out the deficit with a 36-12 whomping that sends them into the final period leading by 4 (80-76). Finally, you'd see the Lakers demonstrate why they are defending champions (with the best chance to repeat in recent memory) by charging out of the fourth-quarter box with runs of 9-0 (in the first 1:44), 17-4, 20-7 and 31-11, all of which leads to a 115-106 victory in a game that will find its way high onto any list of "Oddities" in this historic rivalry.


Bob Cousy: The Tri-City Hawk

The Bob Cousy Series: Part 4Pro basketball was barely out of the dusty barn stage when Cousy graduated from Holy Cross. The dominant team as the 1950 draft approached was Minneapolis, featuring the same 6-9 George Mikan who had been a college star at DePaul. The Lakers had won the championship the previous two seasons.


Suns Down C's in Exhibition Opener

1983-84 Boston Celtics

No, this doesn't mean the Celtics can't win without Robert Parish. Don't panic and/or beg Red Auerbach to cave in and start singing "Hail to the Chief." The Celtics lost to the Phoenix Suns, 117-114, on the Arizona State campus last night because coach K.C. Jones was willing to do what Ralph Houk wouldn't do - give the kids a shot.

Against Phoenix' formidable starting five, Jones had at least three rookies on the floor for the entire final quarter. Carlos Clark (seven points) and John Schweitz showed some cool and Greg Kite (nine fouls and no points in two games) banged around underneath, but it wasn't enough to overcome the high-wire act of Larry Nance (25 points), or the sledgehammer tactics of Maurice Lucas (17 points).

Phoenix led, 113-106, wih 2:25 left, but Scott Wedman (16 points, 7 of 10 from the floor), Charles Bradley and Clark led a late drive by the Celtics. With Phoenix leading by one point in the closing seconds, Kite rebounded a Walter Davis miss and fed Clark near midcourt. Clark hesitated, then double-dribbled. "Carlos got a little overanxious," said Jones. "But that's going to happen with a rookie."

Two free throws by Davis set the final score. The Celtics led for most of the first half thanks to a stellar effort by Larry Bird. Bird scored 20 of his team-high 22 in the first half and brought everyone out of their seats with a dazzling, 360-degree spinning layup in traffic. In 25 minutes, Bird had seven rebounds and eight assists. Kevin McHale played 27 minutes at center and scored 14 with four rebounds.


Bob Cousy: The Early Days

Bob Cousy: The Early Days

Part 2 of the Bob Cousy Series

When Cousy first began to play basketball, on the asphalt playgrounds of St. Albans in Long Island, N.Y., he wasn't considered good enough to make the junior varsity as a 12-year-old at Andrew Jackson High School.

Until that age, he had lived on the East Side of New York, where his father drove a cab and where only French was spoken in the house for his first five years.


Before Magic, There Was the Cooz

The Bob Cousy Series: Part 1

Bob Cousy played with fire and emotion. He left basketball fans with something to remember every time he walked on the court.

Cousy dressed James Naismith's dowdy YMCA game in brand new clothes. There were great players before Cousy's time, plenty of them, but none with his flair.


McHale Discusses KG and the Grassy Knoll Rumors


McHale Discusses KG and the Grassy Knoll Rumors

MINNEAPOLIS - Did you hear the one about how Kevin McHale traded Kevin Garnett to the Celtics just because he liked Danny Ainge?

McHale did - and he's still laughing.


Celtics Beat Heat, Now 13-2


MIAMI - Temperatures here were in the 80s yesterday. And inside air-conditioned American Airlines Arena, it got even hotter for the Celtics last night when they cooled off in the fourth quarter.

After leading by as many as 25 points, the Celtics overcame a cold spell before holding on for a 95-85 win over the Miami Heat. Boston entered the fourth with a 83-61 lead. The Heat, however, sliced the lead to 7, before succumbing.


Catching Up with Wally


On the night of the 2007 NBA draft, Wally Szczerbiak wanted to chill out. He didn't even plan on watching the festivities from New York. His focus was to continue rehabbing from a major ankle operation in the spring and be ready for what he thought would be his second full season with the Celtics.

Oh, well.


C's Rebound from Loss, Flaten Bulls


The Celtics starters got another early rest and were all smiles on the bench. The game was a usual blowout at TD Banknorth Garden. And the beloved Gino, the Celtics' human victory cigar, was grooving again on the JumboTron after missing the previous game.


Gary Payton Wants to Join C's


WALTHAM - Ex-Celtics point guard Gary Payton watched on television from his Las Vegas home Wednesday night as his former team lost to the Pistons. And once Chauncey Billups hit the winning free throws with a tenth of a second remaining, Payton called his agent.


Pistons-Celtics Means Something Again


It was like hearing a song that reminds you of an old flame, or maybe walking past a bakery and smelling a pie that takes you back to happy days in the kitchen of your youth.


Pistons Hand C's First Home Loss


The Celtics' locker room was quiet. Pin-drop quiet. Heads were down. You would have thought the season was over.

But the feeling of winning has been so fulfilling, so beautiful, that the taste of defeat, even if it was just for the third in 23 games, was awful and tart. And it made them appreciate the winning so much more.


Celtics Prepare for Ali-Frazier I


WALTHAM - The last time the Celtics played Detroit, they were taken about as seriously as a Carrot Top memoir might be by the Pulitzer Prize review board.


Allen Injured Ankle a While Back


WALTHAM - Ray Allen looked great at practice yesterday.

"He was standing there, right beside me most of the time, so he looked phenomenal," coach Doc Rivers joked. "He didn't do too much. We didn't want him to do a lot of cutting and running. He'll be fine for [tonight's game]. He said he feels great. I don't know if it's true or not."




TORONTO - The Celtics' top-ranked defense made the Raptors' offense colder than it was outside the Air Canada Centre on this snowy day.


New C's look familiar to Heinsohn


Paul Pierce is in his 10th season with the Celtics, which means he's heard a lot of glory stories from Tommy Heinsohn. As a student of the game's history, Pierce enjoyed the dissertations, but, considering the position of his own teams, he didn't have tales to trade.


Posey, House Lead C's to 15th Win


PHILADELPHIA - The Celtics entered yesterday with the best defense in the NBA. But if you didn't know better, you probably wouldn't have guessed that last night.


Magic Johnson Praises New Three


There was no team that former Lakers star Magic Johnson despised more during his playing days than the Celtics. The five-time NBA champion had a heated rivalry with ex-Celtics great Larry Bird, and his Lakers beat Boston in the Finals twice in three meetings in the 1980s.


Celtics Start Chasing Ghosts


Can you say "franchise record"?

The 2007-08 Celtics are well-positioned to match the 1984-85 Celtics for best home start in the history of the storied franchise. That team opened with 12 straight home wins, although only 11 were at the old Boston Garden. One was at the Hartford Civic Center.


Derek Fisher: C's are the Perfect Storm


Derek Fisher of the Lakers summed it up perfectly. He called the current Celtics situation "the perfect storm." And it's not just the presence of three title-starved, veteran players all pointing to one common goal. Fisher sees someone else in that storm: Doc Rivers.




Only one team in Celtics history has felt more comfortable at home than the 2007-08 edition. And the current Celtics are just one win shy of joining that team from 23 years ago in the living room.


Bambino Grande Delivers in First Start


When his name was announced in the starting lineup for the first time as an NBA player last night, Glen Davis was more nervous than even one would expect a rookie to be. But by the way "Big Baby" played in a 90-78 victory over the Sacramento Kings at TD Banknorth Garden, it was hard to view him as a rookie.


KC Jones Weighs In


While watching the Celtics go 11-0 at TD Banknorth Garden after beating the Sacramento Kings Wednesday night, ex-Celtics coach and guard K.C. Jones couldn't help but reminisce about those good old days when his teams always won a lot of home games at the old Boston Garden.


Allen Misses Game with Sore Right Ankle


Ray Allen has been questioned recently about his career-low shooting numbers. Maybe a sore right ankle that he has kept quiet about has something to do with it.

The Celtics guard missed his first game of the season last night against the Bucks with an ankle injury suffered Nov. 24 at Charlotte. He is expected to test his ankle at practice today and it's uncertain if he will play tomorrow afternoon at Toronto. While with Seattle, Allen missed nine games last season with a right foot injury.

"I don't want to take a chance," coach Doc Rivers said before the Celtics' 104-82 victory over Milwaukee. "He wants to play. We have a lot of games left.

"My recommendation was to sit him [last night] and maybe even [tomorrow]. And then we have two days off after that and we'll go from there."

Tony Allen made his first start of the season in Ray Allen's place and scored 11 points. Ray Allen is averaging 19.2 points on career lows of a .408 shooting percentage from the field and a .353 percentage from 3-point range.

"Let's get rid of it," said Rivers about Ray Allen's injury. "Because when you keep playing on it, that's when it does get bad."

Also, center Scot Pollard missed his second straight game with a back injury and isn't expected to play tomorrow.


Whutt Up wit Kedrick Brown?


The Celtics soon plan to send assistant GM Dave Wohl out to the D-League's Anaheim Arsenal to scout a familiar name: Kedrick Brown.

Yup, the same Kedrick Brown the Celtics took with the 11th pick in the 2001 draft out of Okaloosa-Walton College and who basically turned out to be little more than a human pogo stick. He hasn't played in the NBA since 2005.


Kedrick Who?


Kedrick Who?

Six years ago in February, Kedrick Brown took the Staples Center floor as a starter for the Celtics against the Lakers. He guarded Kobe Bryant tightly and stuck a trey in his face at the other end of the floor in the C's win.


Big Three Sit, C's Still Win

Big Three Sit, C's Still Win


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With Kevin Garnett watching from the locker room, Ray Allen watching from the bench (while wearing a suit), and proud papa Paul Pierce back in Boston, the Celtics still were able to finalize their postseason plans last night.


Posey Thinking Playoffs


Posey Thinking Playoffs

There's a point in a conversation with Celtics forward James Posey when he stops looking at you and starts looking at the next two months.


Increased PT for Cassell and Brown

Increased PT for Cassell and Brown


The Celtics have been playing the "narrow focus" broken record for a while, and when they won No. 60 Wednesday night, they had no idea they'd achieved the milestone.

Of course it sounds silly, and Sam Cassell thought the same thing.

Then he got into the locker room.


Celtics Beat Bird for Win #60


Celtics Beat Bird for Win #60

Glen Davis ran his right hand, palm side down, along the line of his freshly cut Mohawk to illustrate just where, exactly, the historical significance of 60 wins ranks - not only in Celtics history, of which he knows little, but also in the context of his young life.

``Over my head, man,'' said the big Celtics rookie. ``I have no idea.''

The Celtics won their 60th game of the season last night, and to find the last time they won that many, turn back to their most recent NBA championship in 1986. That team won 67 - a total this team can match if it wins the final seven games. ``Now, of course I know who played back then,'' said Davis, warming to the trivia challenge. ``Larry Bird was on that team.''

``Yeah, and John Havlicek,'' interjected Rajon Rondo, winking when Davis wasn't looking to let on that he was only trying to fool Big Baby, and that he actually knew that Havlicek played even further back in the Dark Ages.

Win Number 59


Win Number 59

CHICAGO - With the Pistons more or less throwing in the regular-season towel, the Celtics got one step closer to clinching the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The Celtics defeated the Bulls, 106-92, at the United Center last night as their All-Star trio combined for 59 points. Ray Allen scored a team-high 22, Kevin Garnett had 20, and Paul Pierce added 17.


C's Destroy Heat


C's Destroy Heat

With little-known NBA Development League products named Blake Ahearn, Joel Anthony, Stephane Lasme, and Kasib Powell now starring for Miami, a Celtic nicknamed "The Truth" strongly spoke his mind on how his team handled business last night.

Rondo Proves His Point


Rondo Proves His Point

Another night, another elite team featuring players with MVP credentials - and another third-quarter smackdown.

Seriously, now. Who can beat the Boston Celtics when they play like this?


C's Add Hornets to List of Vanquished


C's Add Hornets to List of Vanquished

The entire league has now succumbed to the Celtics.

With last night's 112-92 win over the New Orleans Hornets at TD Banknorth Garden, the Celtics have beaten every team in the NBA.

Paul Pierce Playing Some Defense


Paul Pierce always used to bristle when it was suggested that defense wasn't his forte. Or, perhaps, if it was suggested, in a jest, of course, that it wasn't part of his repertoire.

That no longer is the case.

Two coaches who passed through Boston recently offered unsolicited tributes to Pierce for his defense.


Perkins Value Measured Against D.Howard


Celtics coach Doc Rivers is constantly employing the oldest of sports cliches to keep Kendrick Perkins in line.

``When he stays in his role he's fine,'' Rivers said after yesterday's practice. ``When he doesn't stay within himself is when he gets in trouble. He stops setting picks and starts thinking about his offense.''


Boogie Fever


Celtics notes One benefit from games like Friday's rout of the Bulls: Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen all get to rest and cheer on Boogie Fever Gino.

Garden fans have actually been spotted wearing replica T-shirts of the one worn by the bearded, disco-era dancer shown on the videoboard in the fourth quarter - and the players want in on the action. Pierce and Allen both said yesterday that they are attempting to find and purchase shirts. Garnett has gone further, as evidenced by what he did after Friday night's game.

``I was on the Web last night trying to find out who was selling them,'' Garnett said.

The name of the Garden character may not be Gino. It is suspected that the shirt actually refers to Gino Vanelli, a 1970s Canadian pop artist.


33-5 Run Propels C's to Victory


SACRAMENTO, Calif. - So this is how the West will have to be won.

When Kevin Garnett launches a crosscourt pass over Eddie House's fingertips and out of bounds, and Paul Pierce has trouble getting off a shot - when the best team in the NBA punts a 24-point lead and turns the ball over 18 times - you know the time zone has changed.


West Coast, Schmest Coast


C's Post Another W on West Coast Road Trip

SEATTLE - Ray Allen's spotlight during his sold-out return to KeyArena last night was stolen by the other two Celtics stars with whom he shares the spotlight.

In his first game against the Sonics since being traded last June, Allen had a lackluster offensive night with 10 points on 4-of-13 shooting in the Celtics' 104-96 victory before a national television audience.

Doc Learns Something about KG


SEATTLE - He is unapologetic about wearing his game on his sleeve, about allowing the heat to push his internal thermometer so high that the mercury explodes.

That's Kevin Garnett, and the proposition isn't a matter of better or worse, because where the Celtics forward is concerned, there generally isn't the latter.

Passion has driven him to the level of annual All-Star.


Pierce Drops 37 in Win over Wally, Delonte, and Durant


SEATTLE - Too many players to mention were out for blood last night.

Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak played as if Danny Ainge's face was on the backboard, and Kevin Durant alternated between big shots and staring down hecklers on the Celtics bench.


Price of Success: Target Now on C's Back


SALT LAKE CITY - They're stepping up in all forms.

Some talk trash and others hack, without second thoughts about the cheap shots.

And all of them, faced with a chance to take down the team with the best record in the NBA, are playing inspired basketball.


C's Now Have as Many Wins as All Last Season


SALT LAKE CITY - The number 24 has become a figure that is simply too bizarre for most Celtics to digest.

Or to wrap their minds around.

At 24-3, they have as many wins as they did all of last season.


Celtics' Bench Coming into its Own


LOS ANGELES - At the start of this four-game road trip, Doc Rivers was clear about what would make it successful for his team.

``We need our bench on this trip - it's going to be vital,'' said the Celtics coach, whose club was looking to defeat the Lakers in the finale last night to go 4-0.

Never was the solidity of the Celtics bench more apparent than during Saturday night's comeback win at Utah.


How the West was Won


LOS ANGELES - It was all about fashion last night, from the tight throwback shorts that the Lakers mercifully scrapped at halftime for something less restrictive to the broad bandage over Kevin Garnett's right eye.


The West was Chippy


LOS ANGELES - Rajon Rondo took two hard hits while driving to the basket in Sacramento last Wednesday. A hit to the head left Kevin Garnett motionless on the floor at Sacramento and an elbow to his face against the Lakers Sunday left him with four stitches above his eye. And Ray Allen was literally tackled by the Lakers' Lamar Odom.


Odom Mugging Still Sore Subject with Jesus


WALTHAM - It's been a few days since Lamar Odom went Terry Tate on Ray Allen in the Lakers' 110-91 loss to the Celtics, and after looking at it again on tape, the shoulder tackle still makes absolutely no sense to Allen, who found himself in the laps of the Staples Center's best ticket-holders because of it.

Anyone Want Al Jefferson Back?


Five players, two draft picks and enough cash to fill an armored car. That is what it cost the Celtics to bring Kevin Garnett to Boston. Yet today, still, you cannot help but wonder if the Celts got him for a song.

Whaddaya think, Boston:

Do you want Al Jefferson back?

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