Is S'quisy a Viable Back-Up 3?

The Celtics found themselves dangerously thin at small forward last year. Even with Marquis Daniels in-fold, Paul Pierce might be looking at another season of over 35 mpg unless Bill Walker can steal some time. It's been over a year since Walker's third knee injury. If his health has turned the corner, the Celtics might have an energetic substitute on its hands.


"Horse puckey!" might be the response of most Celtics' fans to this line of thought. "Marquis Daniels is plenty big to play the back-up 3." As ammunition, these fans might point to a recent comment by Danny Ainge to the effect that S'quisy might even play a little 4. Well, if MD is big enough to play the 4 he certainly is big enough to play the 3. Right?

I am dubious. In my humble opinion, there will be a certain group of bigger, stronger 3s that present match-up problems for MD. This is why I am hoping Bill Walker steps up. He's more of a power 3 than MD, at least in my mind. Oh yeah, then you have my really radical idea of play old nimble toes himself at the power 3, Big Baby.


FLCeltsFan said...

Could be where the rumors are coming from of Danny talking trade with Minny for Atkins and Wilkins. Just a thought.

Lex said...

Wilkens looked ok. I'll have to go back and look at his weight.

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