Big Baby Focusing on Clouds

"I hired a sports psychologist to help you tap into the zone . . . as far as you miss a shot, you don't worry about that," Davis told a Portland, Ore., radio station. "You go to the other end and use that energy to do something else on defense . . . let it pass like a cloud. Clouds pass by you all the time and you don't worry about it. You've just got to keep going. That's what I've been concentrating on." 


Yesterday we learned that Glen hired a shrink to deal with Doc Rivers. Today we learn that the shrink also helps him with missed shots.

Perhaps the shrink can also help with the logjam at the four-spot in Orlando:

The Magic likely will be trading away their superstar center, Dwight Howard, but if any teams need bigs, they can still call the Magic. They currently have six power forwards: Glen Davis, Ryan Anderson, Justin Harper, Earl Clark, Nicholson and O'Quinn.



FLCeltsFan said...

Anderson was traded to NOH already.

So, there is one gone. I'm so glad Danny did that Bass for Baby trade. Bass is so ...... normal :)

Anonymous said...

Wait, are we making fun of Davis for seeing a psychologist now?

Seeking help to become more mentally well-adjusted should not be a point of derision here ...

Lex said...

Not really, anon.

Shrinks are good. I'm 47 and could use one.

Not sure about seeing a shrink to deal with coach and missing shots.


Lex said...

I guess its a fine line.

I remember when sherman douglas took his shoes off during a game and refused to go back in.

from a human perspective, not good to make light of the frailty of others.

On the other hand, depending on the reason for season a shrink, I think it is fair game to cast light on it for a better understanding of a player.

In baby's case, we all must admit he was wildly inconsistent. I think seeing a shrink to deal with your coach and missed shots is something worth evaluating.

I respect disagreement.

Silva said...
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