Glen Davis was Seeing a Shrink in Final Season with C's


June 30, 2011

Glen Davis hired a sports psychologist, and has already spent hours talking about why his performance plummeted beginning in February. He won't admit to another suspicion by some in Celtics management — that he put on weight and fell out of shape down the stretch.

And with the help of that sports psychologist, Davis hopes to better understand those around him, including his coach. He must learn to deal with changes, like the one that forced him to suddenly play alongside Jeff Green after Green's Feb. 24 trade to the Celtics.

"Me and Doc have a good understanding," he said. "My name's Glen and his name's Glenn. But Doc is Doc. I love the way he coaches. It's just that me, as a player, didn't adjust to him. When I first came here, my role was different than it is now. More importance on the team means more adjusting, and sometimes this year I had trouble with that. Mentally, it interrupted my game.


This is news to me. I certainly missed this the first time around. Apologies if this is old hat to you. Regardless, it sort of adds a little background texture to Big Baby's stint in Boston.

It shouldn't surprise me given what we all know about Baby.

But seeing a shrink to deal with your coach.

A lot of thoughts run through your mind when you read something like this, but one of the loudest is yikes.

Hey Brandon, here's to hoping you're a little more solid upstairs and inside.

"So I got (the sports psychologist) because of the way I played in the postseason. It helps me to deal with Doc, and why I didn't play well. Mentally it just became hard for me to see things. Just learn to be myself. I have to be in a zone all the time."

Hope things are workin' out for ya in Orlando.


FLCeltsFan said...

My first thought was if he needed a shrink to deal with Doc, he would have needed a whole psychiatric hospital to deal with Stan Van Gundy.

I missed that first time around too but it doesn't surprise me. Baby was always a little bit unstable.

Lex said...


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