How Long is Leon Powe?

As bloggers, our jobs often require us to be one-part backhoe and one-part squirrel. We dig things up only to store them away for a later date.

With Leon Powe, I wasn't sure the nuts we had stored away for him were ever going to be ready for excavation. But with his sudden emergence as a viable offensive threat and solid force on the glass, it appears I can finally pull out a few nuggets for inspection.

After Leon Powe declared himself eligible for the NBA draft in 2006, the Bay Area ran a series of articles on him. One of those articles (posted separately today) opined that Powe might go as early as the middle of the first round, in part due to his 7'4" wingspan.

Say what?

Yes, I found it just as hard to believe as you. How did we get this far into the Leon Powe Era without hearing about his enormous wingspan?

So I did a little digging around, and couldn't find any corroborating evidence of this attention-grabbing number.

But I did find a few links saying his wingspan was a good 7'2"




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