Offer the Glove a Ten-Day Contract

It sounds like Rondo might be on the shelf for a while, and, even if the team or player is tempted to rush him back, they shouldn't.

Instead, the Cs should use the opportunity to offer Gary Payton a 10-day contract.

He might be insulted and reject the offer, but if the Cs pitched it to him as a prelude to fully guaranteed contract for the rest of the year, he might nibble.

What does this buy us?

It moves Tony Allen over to the two and three spots. It moves Eddie House over to the two and three spots. Both players would benefit offensively if they could focus exclusively on scoring and not distributing.

What else would it buy us?

More minutes from TA and EH at the two spot means less for Ray Allen, and fewer minutes for Ray Allen would hopefully give his injuries, whatever they might be, a better chance to heal. Fewer minutes would also ensure a more rested Allen when he was on the court. If we've learned one thing this year, we've learned that a rested Ray Allen fulfills expectations and often exceeds him.

The offense has been seizing up as of late, which is another way of saying we are not scoring points when we need to. A smarter division of labor might cure this glitch.

If it doesn't work out, we part ways.

Go ahead Danny.

Give Aaron Goodwin a call.

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