Celtics Burn Byron...again

New Orleans Times Picayune
February 28, 2008
Section: SPORTS

Brown spurns Hornets for Celtics

The Hornets' attempt to acquire post player P.J . Brown for the remainder of the season ended Wednesday, when he signed with the Boston Celtics.

Brown, 38, played for the Hornets from 2000 to 2006, and team officials had been open for much of the season about their desire for him to return for the rest of the season and a playoff run.

"I've talked to his agent repeatedly throughout most of this season and made it well known that we'd like him to join us, and we had a spot for him," Hornets Coach Byron Scott said.

"It's a personal decision that he has to make," Scott said, "and obviously he feels going there that he has a little bit better chance of winning a championship, and I totally understand that."

Brown could have provided the Hornets with another frontcourt player, something Scott said his team desperately needs.


I have long since overcome my dislike for Pat Riley.

Not so much for Byron.

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