Now about that Back-up Big...

I’ve been around long enough to know that when (a shoulder) comes out it’s in jeopardy down the road, too.”

-Doc Rivers on Kendrick Perkins shoulder injury

So let me see if I have this right.

Our starting center is injured, and it's the type of injury that could recur down the road, you know, like around playoff time.

Our back-up center (well, at least the guy who was slated to play back-up when the season started) has played 20 games this year, is currently on the shelf with an ankle injury, and sports a resume that boasts more injuries than we've seen in these parts since the number 5 was worn by a big red-head.

Our best big is out with an abdominal injury, the kind of injury that sidelined shaq for more than 20 games and Jamal Mashburn for more than 40 games.

Calling Danny Ainge.

Come in, Danny Ainge.

Mike Gorman recently said he was less concerned about acquiring a back-up big than he was acquiring a back-up point guard.


We cannot, I repeat cannot head into the stretch run with a Glen Davis, Leon Powe, and Brian Scalabrine triumvarite at the five-spot.

You want to increase your chances of keeping KG healthy when he returns to the lineup?

Keep him away from the Eddie Curry's of the world.

Come on, Danny.

Are you listening?

Get this one done.


There's no need to wait for a buy out.

PJ Brown is there waiting for your phone call.

By now, he probably has your number memorized.

He might even answer on the first ring.


Jordan said...

I didn't know that backup bigs grow on trees.

Lex said...

Turns out they do...back up point guards too!!!

Lex said...

Turns out they do...back up point guards too!!!

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