Scalabrine and Pollard

It’s early in the second half at the Spurs-Celtics games and a few observations are in order.

Brian Scalabrine's statistical contributions may have reached an all-time low.

I don't remember the last time he hit a basket, much less the last time he shot better than 50% from the field in a single game. Nor can I remember the last time he totaled more than 3 rebounds in a game.

Actually taking a peak at his numbers of the last five games doesn't help him out much.

He’s played 70 minutes, going 3-12 from the field, and 2-6 from three. He’s grabbed a total of 7 rebounds, 4 of those against the Spurs, 2 in the second half. I understand he does other things, and I’m happy for him that the locals don’t boo him any more.

But the best thing that can be said about Scal is that he’s ambulatory.

Not so for Scot Pollard.

The lack of media coverage for his ankle injury is disappointing, because it would be nice to know how long he’s out for at this point. When he’s healthy, he certainly contributes. But he’s only played 20 games this year, and it would be comforting to know that when the C’s are required to go 12-deep due to injury, that there is someone sitting on the bench ready to step-up.

Instead, that roster spot is essentially a nullity. Actually, it’s worse than a nullity, because at least with a nullity management could fill it.

With Pollard, we’re paying over $1m in salary in hopes that he is healthy to perform in the playoffs.

Not the greatest return on investments.

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