C's Just Ain't Hip

Late yesterday afternoon, the pundits weighed in on the Celtics-Rockets game.

Tony Kornheiser--Rockets ("Stone Cold Mortal Lock on win #23")

Mike Wilbon--Rockets

Around the Horn--Rockets(only one of four talking heads chose the Celtics)

Tim Legeler--Rockets

Doug Collins--Fatigue will hit the Celtics in the second half

That makes six (and one-half for Collins) of seven talking heads taking the Rockets over the Celtics.

The season started with pundits predicting the Celtics would win 44-48 games (Tim Cowlishaw, among others), continued with KG being dismissed as an MVP candidate at the mid-way point, and now looks like it will end with few people outside of Boston picking the Celtics to be popping champagne corks in June.

At this point, I have to think it's just not hip for media types to be caught jumping on the Celtics bandwagon. It's cooler to pucker up for LeBron and Kobe than it is for them to give KG some love.

That's ok.

Our time will come.

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