Exhibit 22 on Why Player Stats Don't Tell the Whole Store

During the 1986 NBA Finals, a sports writer actually had the nerve to compare Jim Peterson to Bill Walton (below).

It would seem appropriate to ask whether there was a single coach on the planet who would have taken Petersen over Walton either before the series started or after it ended?

The media's omission of KG from the MVP discussion today is really just an extension of the below writer's inability to analyze basketball in any way other than by statistical comparison.

Kobe scores 51.

LeBron scores 50.

KG? 28.

Sounds like third place to me.



The 6-10, 236-pound Jim Petersen is in his second season from the University of Minnesota, where he was recruited by none other than Kevin McHale, the Celtics forward. He started 20 games this season, replacing both Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson because of injuries. During the Finals, Petersen has successfully countered Boston's Sixth Man of the Year, Bill Walton, averaging 6.0 points and a surprising 10.5 rebounds to Walton's 8.0 points and 5 rebounds.

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