I wrote last week that the MVP race could be very well determined by the four games against San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and New Orleans.

At this point, I'm not sure what could be gained by waiting for the outcome of the last game tomorrow night.

Kevin Garnett has led the charge on this road trip like he has all season. He set the tempo for the team's focus and intensity level. He quarterbacked the defense in three consecutive clamp-down, stifling performances. He held Duncan to 10 points for the game, and combined with James Posey to shut down Dirk in the fourth quarter last night.

He's proven to be a virtually unstoppable force on offense, except of course when he misses. He shoots unblockable shots, and intimidates opponents at both ends of the court. He keeps defenses wrong footed with passing deftness, and makes them pay for double-teams. He is the team's top cheerleader on the court and on the bench. He is the spiritual center of one of the most tightly-bonded units in recent NBA history.

He is at once the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics.

In short, KG's the best player on the best team.

Kevin Garnett is the MVP.


Pecja said...

Best player on the best team wearing Celtics jersey is Pierce. Only overhyped or blind fans can't see that. And KG as a heart and soul of Celtics? Where r you from? Who was in Celtics uniform for 10 years, through good and bad times (mostly bad times)? Pierce...and he became the best player on the best team from the best player on the very struggling team. Why? Because of Ray Allen. Without Allen there would be no KG. I'm glad KG is in Boston but don't take away Pierce's credit so easy. He's (and always will be) a heart and soul of Celtics.

Lex said...

I love Paul Pierce. Ray Allen has played an integral role, too.

But KG's my guy.

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