PJ Brown Really is Our 11th Man...for the Moment

When Celtics fans think of PJ Brown, they think of the 14-year rebounding, shot-blocking, gritty defender.

When Doc Rivers thinks of PJ Brown, well, we aren't sure what he thinks, but whatever it is, it was certainly influenced more by what he saw in practice recently than what he saw over the course of PJ Brown's career.

Which brings us to PJ's debut.

Six rebounds, six minutes, and a steal on his first trip down on defense.

Very good.

Then there were the two turnovers.

Not ready for a Scalabrine bounce pass, and not ready for a Bulls double team.

Doc Rivers' reaction?

That's the difference between playing pick-up ball and playing in the NBA.


Now I get it.

For a while, it wasn't totally clear why Doc was delaying PJ's debut.

Now we know.

PJ was suffering from what I call Bill Walton's First-Game-Against-New-Jersey Syndrome.


PJ's been shaking off the cob-webs.

That's why we in the blogosphere should resist every temptation to second guess Coach.

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