Ray-Ray Ramping Up

For the season, Allen is shooting .413, in contrast to his .445 average over his career....By March I am expecting this slump to be a distant memory.

--Lex, December '07

Having dissed Jesus earlier in the season, I thought it time to give our dog his due.

Ray Allen is now shooting 45% from the field on the year, and 40% from three. Contrast the first three months of the year, where Ray was averaging just 42% from field, to the last two months, where he is averaging .506. From international waters, Ray averaged just 37% over the first three months, while averaging almost 44% over the last two months (and this despite going 8-28 from three since returning from his ankle jam).

Most interesting is what appears to be the inverse correlation to his minutes per game:

November 39.7
Decmeber 36.2
January 38.9
February 36.8
March 32.1

For those of us who believe that there is more correlation here than coincidence, I expect Doc to keep Jesus fresh by using creatives combinations of Cassell, House, Posey, and Allen as we head into the playoffs.

If Doc believes there is more correlation here than coincidence, don't be surprised if Ray's MPGs are kept below 40, even in close games come playoff time.

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