Rivers to Keep Pedal to the Metal

We are just going to keep playing our guys. Clearly, you want to cut down minutes. Like the Patriots, you don't change what you're doing. You may rest them in games as far as how many minutes they play. But no, you just keep playing because of rhythm. You need rhythm. It's a rhythm game.

--Doc Rivers

This will surprise some Celtics fans, and agitate others who want the starters as well rested as possible come tip-off for the first playoff series.

Not me.

The 2007 Dallas Mavericks started the season 61-11. They finished the regular season 67-11, meaning they went 6-4 over their final ten games. Against Golden State, then went 2-4, on their way to losing the first round. It was the most humiliating playoff defeat in NBA history.

One theory was that the Mavs didn't match up well against Golden State, a theory supported by Golden State's regular season dominance over Dallas.

Another theory is that starting with game 72, the Mavs began resting their starters for the playoffs. The team lost it's rhythm, and everything else collapsed of it's own weight.

Regardless of which theory you adopt, the time to win is now. Doc has no intention of "waiting until next year." Despite the fourth-quarter follies against New Orleans, the 4-1 road trip kept the Celtics on their season-long roll.

Why mess with success?

Doc will keep the pedal pressed firmly to the metal until the last playoff game is won.

And well he should.

The playoffs are what it's all about, and we want to keep building momentum until a crescendo is reached in June.

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