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C's Only 7-6 in Close Games

The Wall Street Journal (I know, can you believe it?) had a piece discussing the teams that perform best after a time out. The Celtics were second behind Portland.

More interesting to me, however, was the fact that the Celtics are only 7-6 in games decided by three points or less.

The Lakers were 5-8.

Portland 10-2.

So I'm not sure what this tells us.

Still, heading into the playoffs, I don't like the fact that we win almost as many close games as we lose.


FLCeltsFan said...

This is kind of bothersome. We didn't have all that many close games, but I would think that we could have done better than 7-6 in the ones we did play.

Lex said...


But you know what?

We got Jesus.

And Jesus is about to crank it up another level.

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