Doc Rivers the Comedian

Doc Rivers on Winning 60

It is nice, don't get me wrong. I enjoy everything. You guys just don't see it. The parties I have in my apartment are amazing.

Doc Rivers on Winning Coach of the Month

I get a trophy, actually. You get something. I think it's a glass something. I think it comes from the Players Association. We buy it. We buy our own selves a trophy. When you think about the dues I paid, I literally paid for it myself.

Doc Rivers Explaining to an Official Why a Blocking Call was Actually a Charge

Perkins arms were straight up in the air. I think what you saw was Perk lunging forward after he got kicked in the stomach by the shooter. Here, put your arms in the air and I'll show you what I mean.

Doc Rivers on the Difference between this Season and Last Season

I can get out and self-pump now. Before I had to pay a guy to do it because I was worried about snipers.

Doc Rivers on Adding Cassell as a Player

Sam's a hack. I think maybe he thought because he was in a different conference that he could foul more and he wouldn't get called for it.We'll just keep throwing him out there. Maybe he'll set the record for most fouls in five minutes.

Doc Rivers on Adding Cassell as a Bench Coach

I think he would be a great coach. I just would hate to be in his meetings because he never shuts up. And how would you keep him quiet on the bench?

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