Garnett Critic Changes Tune

A long-time Kevin Garnett critic from the Twin Cities who was prepared to cast his MVP vote for Kobe Bryant now says he may vote for the Big Ticket, after watching the Celtics demolish the Phoenix Suns, who were on a roll until they played Boston.

Dan Barreiro, a sports writer and radio personality from the Minneapolis, is known on this blog as the critic who called out KG as a "flawed superstar" because of his reluctance or inability to take-over games down the stretch and because of his over-indulgence with ball-sharing.

But Barreiro said he has changed his mind after watching the Suns go down in smoke and then listening to the post-game press conference, where "Ricky Pierce" (yes, he managed to confuse Celtics superstar Paul Pierce with a 1980s role player for the Milwaukee Bucks) told reporters that KG should be MVP because he had changed the entire culture of the Boston Celtics.

Barreiro concludes that, as good as Kobe might be, nobody gives their team more value than KG.

And isn't that what the Most Valuable Player award is all about?

Well, think of that.

Some love for the Ticket coming out of the Minni-apple.

What's next?

Glenn Taylor going on Dr. Phil to admit pangs of guilt over the tanking comments?

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