"Garnett Screams Like Tarzan, but Plays Like Jane"

And with that pungent aphorism, formulated even before the Garnett-to-Beantown deal had been made official, ESPN's Skip Bayless became the frotrunner amongst NBA pundits in casting aspersions upon the 2007-08 Boston Celtics.

I didn't have the privilege of hearing first hand every pearl of wisdom uttered by Mr. Bayless this year, but I did tune in once during April when he offered this penetrating insight:

"If the Boston Celtics played in the Western Conference, they'd be struggling to break 50 wins."

This observation was offered up, mind you, after win number 60 had been posted, meaning it also came after the Celtics had swept the Texas Triangle and finished the season 25-5 against the West.

No mind, at least not to Mr. Bayless.

Nonetheless, the rest of us may want to ask:

Just who is this clown?

Wikipedia's entry on him tells us just about everything we need to know.

One stint with the LA Times.

One stint with the Dallas Morning News.

One stint with the Chicago Tribune.


It all makes sense now.

Skippy-boy's prior allegiances are interfering with his judgment, precluding any chance the poor sap has at actually making a fair and unbiased evaluation of the green.

Good to know.

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