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Thibodeau to Interview with Knicks during playoffs

If there is a No. 1 contender to challenge the favorite, Mark Jackson, for the Knicks' coaching vacancy, it may be the widely respected Tom Thibodeau, who, like Jackson, is also a Jeff Van Gundy disciple. And Thibodeau, who has more than a decade of experience as an NBA assistant coach, doesn't need Van Gundy to campaign for him on national television.

Thibodeau, the associate head coach of the Boston Celtics who served on Van Gundy's staff in New York and Houston, was initially thought to be someone who might not be available for an interview until after the playoffs. But Sunday, Doc Rivers said he would allow his assistants to interview for available jobs during the playoffs. Rivers, however, won't allow one of his coaches to be named a head coach until after the Celtics' season is over. Thibodeau is signed only for this season. Newsday

Spend a Grand to See the Lakers

Even though Shona Jones' seats were near the ceiling, she couldn't stop smiling. Jones had driven from her San Diego home to Staples Center on Sunday with her two kids and one of her best friends. She took a breather before going to her seats, time enough to tally the damage. Tickets, gas, parking, hot dogs, sodas, T-shirts and Lakers Crocs for the kids -- she estimated that all together the day would cost near $1,000, a hefty chunk for a legal clerk and her waitress pal. "It's the playoffs," she said. "Kobe and Iverson." But $1,000?, she was asked. That's a lot for one game."I wouldn't miss this for anything," she said, her smile tightening. "It's just so much fun, and worth the memories . . . even in times like these, you can't put a price on that." LA Times

Steinbrenner Backpedals

The only thing worse than Hank Steinbrenner's impetuous demand that he wanted setup man Joba Chamberlain moved to the New York Yankees' starting rotation right away was the startling retreat that Steinbrenner made on Monday. Sure, criticism was pelting down on him. But since when does a Steinbrenner apologize? Pull yourself together, son. Do you have the onions for this gig or not? Did Atilla the Hun ever apologize for having a bad temper? Did General MacArthur tell the enemy forces he routed in World War II, "Hey, about those bridges we blew up? My bad."? Newsday

Russian Tennis Player Demands a Bleepin’ Break

Russia's Marat Safin suffered a bad-tempered exit at the Monte Carlo Masters on Wednesday as the lid blew spectacularly once again on his famously explosive temper.
The former world number one, and double Grand Slam title winner, destroyed his raquet against a courtside chair before screaming at Berado: 'Give me a f****** break!' as he debated another contentious call in the seventh game of the second set. Reuters

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