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Marginal Celtics-Lakers Piece (I'm a libertarian, and thus not in favor of government regulation. But if something ever deserved to be regulated, it is the bullpen of writers allowed to cover Celtics-Lakers. This piece isn't egregious, but it's not very good. The best line--or worst--is that the Shaq hasn't had a memorable moment since leaving the Fakers. Um, he won a title with Miami, didn't he?)

Larry Brown quits as Sixers VP

Raptors, Rockets, and Wiz all Win

The way it looks right now, KG will either win the title or commit an on-court homicide.

1986 DVD Update

With Wedman out for the Finals, Greg Kite gets inserted early in second quarter, and plays good defense on Hakeem. Despite any memories to the contrary, Mr. Kite was not just a 12th man who drew cheers in garbage time for trying hard.

The 1986 playoffs were a coming out party for Danny Ainge. This was the year that Ainge went from "that baseball guy Red took a chance on" to a viable weapon at both ends of the floor. Ainge played so well in the playoffs that KC Jones was forced to reduce Jerry Sichting's minutes, even though Mr. Sichting shot .92 from the line and .56 from the field during the season.

The 1986 Celtics were human. After jumping out to a huge lead in game 1, the Celtics started throwing the ball away and going to sleep on defense. The Rockets ran off an 11-2 run in less than 3 minutes.

Yankees (12-11) and Red Sox (15-9) both lose

Goaltender makes 98 saves

Defendant Tells Judge to "Let it Be"


FLCeltsFan said...

I also love that line about KG either winning a title or committing an on court homicide. He is so intense out there. Our bigs need to put in for hazard pay the way he goes after them when they make a good play.

I am going to have to order those DVDs on the '86 championship. I have a tape I got back in '86 called Sweet 16 but it is just about worn out now I have watched it so much. I have the history of the Celtics and the Bird DVDs so I guess I need this one too.

Lex said...

Yeah, Sweet 16 is disc 7 of the DVDs.

What Bird DVDs????

FLCeltsFan said...

Ok, I guess I already have it. I thought it was a special set of DVDs on the 86 championship.

The Larry Bird DVD is a 2 DVD set called Larry Bird a Basketball Legend, 25th Anniversary Edition. Has a bird history plus Birds best games.

Lex said...

Yes, you have disc 7.

But the first 6 discs contain the 1986 NBA finals, never before released.

It is a must have!!!

Lex said...

the entire 1986 finals as originally broadcast, only without commercials.

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