A Pistons' Fan Waves the White Flag

A Detroit Pistons fan calls out his team, saying it has less than a 10% chance of beating the Boston Celtics in the ECFs.

Let me offer two comments, one supporting and one contrasting.

I generally agree with him. The Boston Celtics proved this year that they are the team to beat, and when the Celtics bring their A-game, no one can beat them. Moreover, they bring their A-game just about every time they play an elite team, winning 14 of 17 against the likes of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Utah, New Orleans, Phoenix, and the Purple.

On the other hand, Danny Ainge recently observed that the 1984 Celtics may have defeated a superior Lakers team in 1984. Vice versa in 1985. Bottom line: The playoffs come down to execution and defense. They come down to imposing your will and getting your way. They're ain't no guarantees when it comes to matters of the heart.

Finally, I offer a hedge.

Round 2 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs promises a Detroit-Orlando match-up. I am no more convinced that Detroit gets by Orlando than I am convinced that Cleveland gets by Washington in round 1.

Should be interesting.

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