The Problem that is the 2008 Boston Celtics

Boston vs. Indiana.

Second quarter.

Game still in reach for the bad guys.

Pierce hoists up a three, which, if you're Jim O'Brien and Larry Bird, you thank God he misses.

One Pacer boxes out Pierce.

Two box out Garnett.

One boxes out Powe.

One boxes out Rondo.

Ray Allen is drifting back to cover play D.

All is well in Pacerland, right?


Rondo steps in front of three Pacers and grabs the rebound.

He then starts a new offensive set, right?


Little Rajon Rondo somehow puts the ball back up and this time it goes in. A lay-up. Two more easy points for the Green.

And therein lies the problem for Celtics' opponents this year.

Just when you think you have all your bases covered, you find out in reality you're screwed.

Come on, Lex, you say, bad example. This is Indiana, not San Antonio.

Ah, but do you remember when Rajon outjumped Tony Parker for a key rebound in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter against the Spurs?

Big Baby against Detroit.

Kendrick Perkins in Celtics-Lakers I.

Leon Powe countless times.

James Posey and Eddie House contribute so often no one even thinks much of it any more.

This is one reason why Vegas has the Cs pegged as favorites to take home the hardware in June.

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