We are All the Big Three

Jackie Mac wrote a piece over the weekend about Ray Allen's borderline obsessive-compulsive need for routine. The same piece highlighted Rajon Rondo's unwillingness to extend anything other than a closed fist in return for a teammate's open-handed high-five because he's worried about catching germs.

We know KG roots on his teammates from the bench until the bitter end, even if the game was over in the second quarter. I suspect this feeds his deep-seeded need to feel like he's done everything he can to win the game, which enables him to go through life with a clean-conscience. We also know about the pregame chalk routine and motivational head-butting against the basket-support.

Meanwhile, all Paul Pierce can do is laugh, cuz, man, this stuff is just so far out.

What do I make of it all?

I love it.

I am part KG, part Rajon, party Jesus, and part Paul.

I think I must wash my hands more than 100 times a day, trying to avoid the latest bug going around. I wake up at the same time every day, work out, drive to my job, and then read the paper while eating breakfast. I get to work at roughly the same time every day, and park in roughly the same spot every day.

I'm not totally thrown for a loss if I have to park elsewhere, but it does complicate things.

At the same time, I've got my 1960s relativistic, libertine background that keeps whispering in my ear that none of this really matters, and everything is just cool the way it is.

I suspect most of you are no different. You recognize a few of these characteristics with more than a passing familiarity.

It just isn't often that we get a chance to see these every-day personality traits manifesting themselves in the professional athletes we follow.

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