What is a "Lockdown" Defender?

The term "lockdown defender" gets tossed around NBA circles without any agreement on what it means.

Some use the term to mean that such and such player is a "good defender."

Others mean something more specific. To wit:

--The lockdown defender prevents the opponent from getting the ball

--The lockdown defender prevents the opponent from driving

--The lockdown defender prevents the opponent from shooting

--The lockdown defender blocks the opponents shot or makes him miss if he tries to get his shot off

Regardless of how you might use the term, I think Wyc Grousbeck might have the best example of what it means to lockdown an opponent:

Players that KG is guarding are shooting 13.1% below the league average at their position. So he's guarding power forwards, and they're shooting 52% league-wide, or whatever it is. Guys that he's guarding are shooting 39% all year. That's just KG, one on one, against his man, when he's on the court. LeBron's guys are shooting 2% below the league average for their position. Kobe's are 3% below. Chris Paul's are 4% below. And KG is keeping people 13% below. In other words, he's snuffing them out.


FLCeltsFan said...

When I hear "lockdown defender" I think of DJ. He was all about defense from start to finish. I think of that famous play where Bird stole the ball and shot it underneath to DJ. If you look at the video, while everyone else was celebrating, DJ turned to play defense on the inbound pass. There was 1 second left and his first though was defense.

Lex said...

DJ was incredible.

I still like Bob Ryan's description:

Lawrence Taylor in gym shorts.

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