Will Doc have a Set Rotation in the Playoffs?

Yes and no.

How's that for an answer?

Yes, Doc Rivers’ top 7 are set in stone--the starters plus Eddie House and James Posey. Same as it's always been.

No, there is no guarantee that Leon Powe will be included among the top eight or even be the first big off the bench. That, too, will be the same as always.

There might be playoff games where Rondo gets in foul trouble, and Doc calls Sam’s number first. There might be other games where PJ Brown is the first player off the bench.

The level of concern over knowing the precise order of players off the bench seems to be on the rise in Celtic Nation.

If you find your own blood pressure rising, please keep in mind two words:

"situational" and "match-ups"

The rotation for the extended bench will be situational based on match-ups and foul trouble.

It got us this far.

Let's see what happens in the playoffs.

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