Don’t Dis Da Green

Before the game yesterday I was reading one of FL Celts Fan’s daily links and the author said the Celts were now 3-1 favorites to win the series. That struck me as a bit much. So I did a little research, and, sure enough, the Celts odds of winning the series had improved, but only from 2-1 in favor of the L’s to even odds. Not sure what that guy was smoking. On the other hand, maybe he knew something we didn’t, cuz the odds of the Green winning now will surely increase.

Last night’s game was a carbon copy of the 12/30/07 game at Staples, only the Lakers didn’t quit at the seven-minute mark of the fourth quarter. They mounted a comeback. I tip my hat to them. Really. They fought their instinct to give up and give in. The other difference was that Lamar Odom didn’t tackle Ray-Ray last night, even though Shuttlesworth nailed a three right in Odom’s grille to increase the lead to 20.

Phil Jackson blamed last night's loss on the Refs, and, I must admit, on paper, a 38-10 differential does appear slanted. At the same time, when you’re team lives and dies by the jump shot, particularly the three-pointer, you just don’t get many free throw opportunities. Ask Jim O’Brien.

So let’s see here. The L's lost game one because Paul Pierce faked an injury, because the rims were inflexible, and because Celtics Coach Tom Thibodeau had inside information on Kobe’s game. The L's lost game two because of the refs. Do the Celtics get any credit if they win game 3?

The Celtics have now won four in a row against the Lakers, two with Gasol and two without.

Jose Rio hasn’t booked a flight to the Finals yet, but he’s picking out what to wear.

The national media still won’t give in. On Mike and Mike this morning, one of the talking heads said, “Yeah, I still think the Lakers have the better team. But if they don’t win the series, all that tells me is that the match-ups favored the Celtics.” Say what? And to think ESPN pays this guy six figures to come up with this crap.

I can’t wait to see what Skippy Boy Bayless has to say today about the purple.

I see where Bill Plashke expressed surprise over the emails he received from Celtics fans in response to his piece calling out Paul Pierce as a faker. Hmmm. He makes a totally unwarranted ad hominem attack on the Celtics team captain, and then is surprised when Celtics fans get personal with him? Just how big of a moron is this guy?


david said...

The media just have this huge man-crush on Kobe, they failed to see the this Lakers have so many flaws in the Spurs series, if it weren't for the scoring droughts suffered by the Spurs that have been consistently plaguing them throughout the season, the Laker's /Kobe didn't beat the Spurs, the Spurs allowed themselves to be beaten...although I'm not making excuses for the Spurs and I'm not even a Spurs fans...I would have love seeing them in the finals than the Fakers

Lex said...

Speaking of "might have beens," I would have loved to see Lakers-Hornets in the WCFs.

I'm not so sure the C's would be playing the purple right now if the Hornets had beat the spurs.

On the other hand, I honestly think the Lakers easy road to the finals is coming back to haunt them.

Adversity builds character, and two 7-game series did just that for the Cs.

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