Fuzzy Math

At the end of every day, my inner masochist takes over, and I dial into ESPN to hear the national pundits tell me what evils are about to befall team green.

First up today is Jim Rome.

I understand that the Lakers have no answer for Kevin Garnett.

I understand that the Lakers may not have an answer for Paul Pierce.

I understand that the Celtics defense is the best in the NBA.

I get all that.


I think my Haight-Ashbury days may have finally caught up with me. So I rewind the DVR. Nope. That's what the man said. But wait. The first time through I didn't hear the magic word--"but."

But I'm still picking the Lakers to win it all. Kobe simply won't let the Lakers lose.

Oh thank God.

The universe hasn't shifted, and I still have my bearings after all. The national media remains firmly entrenched on the side of the purple.

I remember taking an Algebra course in 9th. The teacher explained how it's impossible to get the right answer unless both sides of the equation make sense.

Clearly, Jim Rome didn't pass Algebra.

The Lakers might take home the hardware. But if Kobe doesn't get any help from ker-Pao and company, the purple don't stand a chance.

Not even "God disguised as Michael Jordan" in 1986 could have single-handedly defeated the 2008 Boston Celtics in a seven-game series.


FLCeltsFan said...

As a math teacher, love the Algebra reference. I am amazed at how many people are picking the Lakers. Even one of the Celtics guys on the Drive for 17 picked the Lakers. Mind boggling. Makes me wonder if they all know something I don't. Tommy made a good point in that it is very difficult for teams to win 3 games in a row so it will be logical for the Celtics to get at least one of those games out in LA.

I say Celtics in 6. They want to win it on their home court.

Lex said...

I loved math. Algebra was the first course where I remember feeling like a door opened to a different part of my brain.


I hope you are right!

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