The Good Reverend Satch Sanders

Satch: Celtic Nation, on this Sunday, June 8, we gather here on our Hallowed Parquet Floor to celebrate the Dieties.

Celtic Nation: Amen.

Satch: Now the devil has many forms, and this time of year he seems to be sprouting more faces every day.

Celtic Nation: It is true.

Satch: Just in the past week, you no doubt have heard forecasts of evil that will befall our Nation. Lakers in 4. Lakers in 5. Lakers in 6.

Celtic Nation: No, no.

: That's right, my people, that's right. You look Satan in the eye, and you tell him 'NO!'

Celtic Nation: No, Satan, No.

Satch: And you tell all of his messengers 'NO!'

Celtic Nation
: No, Skip Bayless, No!!

Satch: Now we've heard lots of talk about false Prophets and false Gods.

Celtic Nation: It is true.

Satch: Well, I'm here to tell you that no Prophet of Celtic Nation communicates in Zen.

Celtic Nation: Amen, Brother Satch, Amen.

Satch: I'm also here to say that anyone speaking of a God who wears the #24 is speaking of a false God.

Celtic Nation: Amen, Brother Satch, Amen.

Satch: And before we part today, my good people, I want to leave you with something to think about. If we've been told that the anointed one will rise from the ashes to claim his Kingdom in June of 2008, and it becomes clear that the True and Good God wears #34, then, I ask you to consider, what does that reveal about who really reigns supreme?

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