I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin'

The Celtics have won their last four games in a row .

They have now won four in a row against the Lakers, pounding them twice.

They have won two out of their last three on the road.

The Lakers laughed and yawned through the Western Conference Playoffs.

They haven't been tested, and thus haven't had to respond to adversity.

Their defense hasn't shown up, assuming they have a defense to show up.

The Lakers with Gasol no longer strikes fear in anyone wearing green

The Lakers would need to win four of the last five games to take home the hardware.

The Celtics haven't lost four of five games all year.

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FLCeltsFan said...

Very, very good points. I think the two 7 game series that the Celtics had early were the best thing that could happen. The Celtics were tested early and they are the stronger for it. The Detroit series showed that as they won 2 on the road, closing it out on the road. The Celtics are a better team now than they were in April when this thing started.

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