Pose is Nails

I'm prone to exaggeration. I'll man up. According to me, neither DJ nor the Chief ever took a shot down the stretch that I remember them missing. That's not the case for James Posey. He's missed shots down the stretch.

But either my mind has a way of conveniently forgetting his misses from the stripe, or James "Nails" Posey didn't miss a free throw all year that meant anything deep in the fourth quarter.

Pretty amazing.

In fact, if it's true, it's almost unheard of.

Where my memory is charitable and selective in only remembering made field goals taken by the 1980s Celtics during crunch time, I have vivid memories of DJ, Kevin, Larry, and Da Chief all missing crucial free throws in the final minutes of close games.

Posey's only been with the C's one year, but it is safe to say that you just don't teach that kind of nervelessness. If you have the opportunity, rewatch the three he hits with the score 89-87. He is actually fading left, ever so slightly.

Remember, this is James "I need a full two seconds to get my feet under me before shooting a three" Posey. So the fact that he caught the ball on the move and is shooting it on the move--fading left--is just further testament to Mr. Nails.


FLCeltsFan said...

Aside from Garnett, Posey may have been the biggest signing this summer. Shaq said that without Posey Miami wouldn't have won the title. I think the same can be said for Boston and Posey.

Lex said...

Big Game James--has a nice ring to it, especially when not used as a nickname for worthy...

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