The 1984 Riley Concession Speech

I think they are the better team. They don't have the same kind of talent we have. They have equal talent, but it's made differently. In a game decided by aggressiveness and rebounding, their talent is better than ours. We have to hope our quickness gets the better of their size, and it did for a while, about 3 1/2 games. Then their size and power started to take control.

--Pat Riley, June 1984

The prevailing opinion today is that the Lakers let one slip away in 1984. Pundits like to quote Larry Bird who allegedly once conceded that the Lakers probably had the better team that year.

I'm not buying.

In the absence of games impacted by tainted officiating, the best team almost always wins.


The Kid said...

I've read a lot of NBA articles from around 84-87 and it was also the prevailing opinion then not just now. It's much forgotten that at that time there were people saying Magic wasn't a clutch player and he cost his team the series. That Lakers team didn't have the heart like the C's did, so they lost games they should have won.

Lex said...

Magic not a clutch player...interesting!

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