Inside Bill Russell's Brain

Say they're rolling in on a fast break, four on one or three on two. I want them to go right. I need to get them thinking. I fake directly toward them with my head, and with my left arm extended, pointed straight toward their chest. I keep my weight on my left foot. This is not exactly the prettiest posture in the world, but it gets them thinking. 'Ah, Russell has his weight on the wrong foot. Let's go right.' And, sure enough, they go right, at which time I whirl around off my left foot, plant all my weight on my right, leap up, and at the peak of my jump, I block ball, grab it, and start a fast break the other way. Meanwhile, since they had the numbers in their favor a moment ago, the numbers now favor us.


I played some basketball in my day, and defense was my forte. But suffice it to say, none of this ever went through my head. You really have to wonder if it goes through anyone's head today, including KG.

Then again, that's probably like a Guitar Hero expert comparing himself to Jimmy Page.

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