Larry Siegfried: The Bad

Larry Siegfried took the hard road to making a name for himself in the NBA. But once he did, it was clear that he not only possessed talent at both ends of the floor, it also became evident that his grit and determination was rubbing off on his teammates.

Fortunately, however, not all of Ziggy's qualities rubbed off on the rest of the Celtics.

Bill Russell once said that "Larry Siegfried only knows one direction, and that's forward--no breaks." Siegfried rarely applied the breaks during interviews either.

Asked what he thought of the modern woman, Ziggy wasted no time giving his opinion:

"They're too independent. You meet one nowadays and the first thing they do is tell you that they have no time to chat. They're off to Europe. They're moving to another state. They're changing jobs. They're going to join a protest. I want to find a girl I can teach how to ski or fish. The girls I meet don't want any help at anything. They can do it all by themselves."

Apparently, Ziggy always didn't get along with his own gender either.

Once asked why his hottest shooter from the previous week hadn't taken a shot for five straight games, Red Auerbach told the reporter "because I told him I didn't like his shot selection in the fourth quarter and he thought he'd teach me a lesson."

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