O'Bryant Snippets 4

"I've always been the kind of guy who doesn't yell and scream or beat my chest," O'Bryant says. "You've never seen me running down the court screaming after I get a dunk. I think people perceive that as a lack of fire. But I'd ask them: If I had no fire for the game, why would I still be working at this, getting chewed out by Nelson every night?"

O'Bryant's athleticism never was in question. He has good hands, good court awareness, knows his assets. His biggest challenge is staying focused. His concentration seems to dictate his good nights and his bad nights. Properly humbled, O'Bryant bought a home in Las Vegas, where he spent much of the offseason working out with personal trainer Joe Abunasser.

Working with Murray and Abunasser, along with improved nutrition, have added little to O'Bryant's 250-pound frame. He insists, however, that his core is stronger, that's he better able to hold his ground.

Earlier in the week, O'Bryant's agent, Andy Miller, had said he expected the Warriors to pick up their option for the 2008-09 season, when O'Bryant's salary would have climbed to $2.37 million. The Warriors are trying to clear space for roster moves this summer.

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