Ainge Tells Court He Prefers Basketball

Danny Ainge of the Toronto Blue Jays said during a hearing this morning in US District Court in Manhattan that he would rather play professional basketball than baseball.

Ainge, for the first time publicly, made his personal choice of sports known during his 20-minute appearance before federal Judge Lee Gagliardi who was presiding over the proceeding.

The Celtics contend that the Brigham Young All-America basketball player sought and received permission in June from the Blue Jays to extricate himself from his baseball contract, and should be allowed to negotiate a basketball contract with Boston.

Earle Cooley, an attorney representing the Celtics, put the following question to Ainge:

"Do you want to be a baseball player or basketball player, Mr. Ainge?"

"Basketball," replied Ainge.

Pat Gillick, vice president of baseball operations for the Toronto club, was asked during his appearance if the the Blue Jays would be dealt irreparable if Ainge was lost.

"Danny Ainge at this point is the only person we have who can play third base on a regular basis," Gillick said.


I wonder if Gillick said that with a straight face. The Blue Jays were one of the worst teams in baseball. Couldn't anyone have played third base for them?

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