Garnett v. Gasoft

Garnett's passion will have to overcome Pau Gasol's great skill set for the Celtics to have a chance to win this series.

--Jeff Van Gundy, Game 1 NBA Finals, First Quarter

This is absolute poppycock.

I will be the first to admit that this blog has been driven in large part by the anti-Celtic bias in the media. But I just don't know if I can listen to it all for another year, at least not as carefully as I did last year.

So many of the pundits are just so wrong so often that I'm starting to think it's a total waste of my time listening to these yahoos and then formulating a response.

The real bottom line was that Garnett merely had to play somewhere near the top of his game and he'd dominate the paint on offense and defense. By doing so, he'd make Gasoft and Odom disappear for long periods of time (Tony Kornheiser often made similar observations all season long before important Celtics games).

But, no. That's not how Mr. Van Gundy saw it. Nor was it how many other talking heads saw it, despite the fact that many of the talking heads are paid six and seven figures to give us their highly valued opinions.

In fact, the more I think about what Van Gundy said, the less it makes sense. Exactly how does someone's "passion" overcome another person's "great skill set?" Without elaboration, the statement is impenetrable and unintelligible.

Much like the rest of what is fed to us by the overpaid blowhards in the basketball media.

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