Notable Sixer Choke Jobs

The Philadelphia 76ers have blown big playoff leads twice, losing to the Boston Celtics both times. In 1968 the 76ers led the Eastern Conference final series, 3-1, then lost three games in a row despite having the home-court advantage.

In 1981 the 76ers' performance might have outdone even that dubious acheivement. Leading the Eastern Conference championship series, 3-1, they blew a six-point lead in the last 80 seconds of Game 5, a 57-42 lead in the second half of Game 6 and did not score a single point in the last 5 minutes and 23 seconds of Game 7.

"Choking occurs," Dr. Thomas Tutko says, "when tension builds up for so long and so high that it reaches a point when the person feels that something is going to go wrong and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They rehearse failure so much mentally that they freeze. They say, Oh, boy, I knew this was going to happen - and it happens."'


FLCeltsFan said...

That picture of Bird and Dr J is one of my favorites. Both are players that you would never expect that of and yet there they are at each other's throats.

Lex said...

Hey FCF,

I seem to recall you using that pic at one point on your blog, no?

FLCeltsFan said...

I have probably used it more than once.... Like I said, It is one of my favorites. Anytime I can fit it in, I'll use it. :-)

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