Red Says He'll "Pay the Bums Off"

"All of a sudden, he was a great baseball player in the eyes of Toronto," remembers Auerbach, who ended up losing the rights battle to the Blue Jays in federal court. "Alan Dershowitz said, `Appeal it, I'll represent you for nothing.' I said, `Naw, we'll pay the bums off and we'll get him anyway.' So we paid them off."

"So we went to court and I'll tell you that was some experience," said Auerbach. "I don't know what it was but every time we objected, the judge said 'overruled.' Every time they objected, he said 'sustained.'"

"Then Danny's wife was due to have a baby any day so they wouldn't allow a deposition even though she was right there when they told him orally that any time he wanted to go to basketball he could do it," he said. "So after we lost the case, Allen Dershowitz, the lawyer, he was a big fan of ours, said 'Appeal it. I'll represent you for nothing.' That's how mad he was. I said 'Na, we'll pay the bums off and we'll get Danny anyway.'

No word yet on when the bums will be paid off.

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