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Well, Well

Look who's attempting to guard L.Bird. It's none other than Mr. Injury Woe Himself. For most of us, it's tempting to totally dismiss Bill Walton's stint with the Clippers as the Lost Years. After all, he did miss almost three full seasons in San Diego and Los Angeles.

But upon closer examination, he actually played more games for Los Angeles during the 1984-85 season, the year before he joined the Celtics, than he had in any previous single season. So, as was his hallmark, rather than getting a player with nothing left in the tank, Red caught this future Hall of Famer as he was readying himself for one last hurrah.

Kind of like when Red nabbed DJ, only DJ had about 5 more last hurrahs left in the tank...


FLCeltsFan said...

Or like when Danny nabbed Ratliff... uh... scratch that one :-)

Lex said...

That wasn't all bad, as without his contract, we might not have landed kg.

I still like Simmons joke about Topps coming out with a basketball card for Theo Ratliff's contract...

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