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In a seven-game series with the fate of Western Civilization on the line, who would you rather have roaming the sidelines:

A. Pat Riley

B. Phil Jackson

C. Bill Bertka

D. Kurt Rambis


Lex said...

Pat Riley, Pat Riley, and, oh, did I mention Pat Riley?

The Kid said...

This is an extremely easy one I'll have to go with Pat Riley. The funny thing about Riley is when I was growing up he was the Knicks coach and not the Lakers, Mike Dunleavy was there at the time. So I never connected Riley with the Lakers and I was a fan of his and I still am. Riley is a great guy and a great coach easily top 5. It's just a shame he came in with the Lakers as I feel he could have been a great Celtic.

Lex said...


We agree.

You know, I've actually come to like the old fart.

1111 said...


I "hate" him, but he's a great coach

Lex said...

1111, good to see that you are still projecting some old-school animosity...

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