The Bird-Nique Shootout Shot-by-Shot

LIKE A GREAT GUNSLINGER, LARRY BIRD talked tough before Game 7 of the Eastern finals vs. the Atlanta Hawks: "They might as well forget it," he said. "They've got no chance."

And then, like a great gunslinger, Bird backed up his brash talk.

In the final minutes of the game, which the Boston Celtics won, 118-116, Bird and Atlanta's Dominique Wilkins had a shootout for the ages, Here's the scoring play-by-play of the stretch run:

Atlanta: Wilkins 20-footer with 5:55 left: 99-99.

Boston: Bird push shot with 5:36 left: 101-99.

Atlanta: Wilkins 25-footer with 5:28 left: 101-101.

Boston: Bird 20-footer with 5:10 left: 103-101.

Atlanta: Wilkins Dank shot with 4:32 left: 103-103.

Boston: Two Kevin McHale free throws with 4:23 left 105-103.

Atlanta: Randy Wittman 20-footer with 3:48 left: 105-105.

Boston: Bird drive on a double team with 3:29 left: 107-105

Boston: Two McHale free throws with 2:10 left: 109-105.

Boston: Bird three-pointer with 1:43 left: 112-105.

Atlanta: Wilkins drive with 1:26 left: 112-107.

Atlanta: Two Wilkins free throws with 0:58 left: 112-109.

Boston: Bird drive with 0:26 left: 114-109.

Atlanta: Wilkins tip-in following his miss with 0:20 left: 114-111.

Boston: Danny Ainge layup on a touchdown pass from Bird with 0:17 left: 116-111.

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