End the Injustice

You undoubtedly have your favorite DJ memories. Mine would include the totality of Games 4 through 7 in 1984, when DJ scored more than 20 points in each game while guarding Magic Johnson better than anyone else could possibly even conceive of; the many traffic rebounds; the get-out-of-my-way drives; and, of course, the inordinate number of clutch jumpers. It never mattered what he had shot from the floor during the course of a game's first 47 minutes. When other throats were drying up and other palms were getting clammy, DJ would say, "Gimme the ball."

--Bob Ryan

We're picking teams today, and I get first pick, I'll take DJ over LeBron James without batting an eyelash. When the game's over, you'll be regretting I had the first pick.

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FLCeltsFan said...

I couldn't agree more. I have been calling out the Hall on this injustice for years. It is a travesty and the biggest shame is that they didn't do the right thing when he was still alive. But, they need to do it now. The Hall of Fame is a joke as long as they ignore DJ. He won a championship with 2 different teams and he was described by Larry Bird as the best player he ever played with and that was saying something. Thank you for taking up the cry to get DJ into the Hall

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