Hey Wilt, Who was Better, You or Russ?

Time apparently not only heals all wounds, but it also seems to produce good judgment.

Perhaps a thousand times in his career Wilt Chamberlain has been asked what would have happened had he, not Bill Russell, been placed on the Celtics , playing with the Cousys, Sharmans, Heinsohns, Ramseys, Havliceks, Jonses, etc. The first 999 times Wilt replied that the Celtics would have won the same 11 titles they won with Russ, perhaps even all 13 available. But the metaphorical thousandth such inquiry was made recently on a Los Angeles cable TV show. And guess what Wilt replied.

Wilt said that in the aformentioned hypothetical circumstance he would have won approximately five championships, that in the early stages of his career he was too intent on scoring, and not sufficiently attuned to the nuances of team play, as Russell was, and that it wasn't until later in his career that he saw The Light. So humility and wisdom have come to Wilton Norman Chamberlain at age 45. There is hope for us all.

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