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Frustrated with dating? Check out this site, where you'll find your old buddy Lex has finally returned to writing original pieces. Hopefully reading them will be as entertaining as it was living through them.


ML Tries Antoine at the Point

Antoine Walker's First Year in Green

The subject was Antoine Walker . Before the question could be completed, ``Do you think Antoine can guard point gu- . . .,'' M.L. Carr was emphatically nodding his head.

Walker tried to do exactly that yesterday in practice. The Celtics were going over defensive drills. A few times, the 6-foot-9-inch rookie was matched against point man David Wesley, a 6-footer. Sometimes Walker stayed with him; other times he was a step off. But he never looked overmatched.

Ditto on offense. He took over a scrimmage, scoring on 15-footers and two fabulous drives to the hoop.

``Hey,'' Carr said with a grin, ``Antoine can play.''

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