Name that Celtic

Who attended an auto mechanics class during his second season -- until Boston boss Red Auerbach suggested he quit -- and often would arrive at Boston Garden with grease lodged beneath his fingernails?

Who announced his retirement on a team bus in Indiana (after crafting his own news release) and accepted a job as the athletic director of a 900-student, all-women's college in Weston, Mass.?

Who dabbled in politics, pined to be a county sheriff in his native Kentucky, served as chairman of a sports museum and president of an insurance group, and turned over the keys of the 1964 Mercury Comet he had just bought to a hitchhiker?

Who slept on a park bench after his team won an NBA championship, bragged about his mastery of shuffleboard and assisted stranded motorists during a snowstorm?

Who attempted to learn sign language, conked Larry Bird in the head with a snowball, lived in a converted bathhouse in his early playing days, run his own basketball camp every year since 1972


Anonymous said...

Gotta by #18 - "Jungle" Jim Losc-...Dave Cowens

Lex said...

Yup, flakey Dave...

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